Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


20. behind the scenes of high school! (part 2)

"Lilia Lets go." I pulled at her arm.

"Yeah hold on."

"Right now."

"Okay let me just get my bag."

Lilia grabbed her bag.

"Okay and were off." she said pointing to the exit.

"Were off" she repeated herself.

"Rose!" She yelled.

"Rose, stop starring at them! It's hurting you."

Tears filled up in my eyes.

"Okay I'm leaving."

We walked out and then when we stopped at the car and I cried.

"Rose, it's time to get over him."

"He's the one that I love."

"There are a million other guys in the world."

"I know."

"Remember what you told me in the 7th grade."

"Yeah, that I was going to get over him if were not dating by the time were 15."

"Exactly! And you're 16 now."

I got into the car.

"Are you mad at me?" Lilia asked me as she got into the driver side.

"No." I said looking at the pool entrance.

Jerry and Josie walked out.

Lilia was on her phone texting Melody what happened.

Josie was all over Jerry.

Lilia's car was a convertible so I could hear there conversation.

"Whoa you're a good kisser!" Josie said as she stroked Jerry's chest.

"OMG! you have a six pack!" she screamed.

They started making out again.

A let out a high pitched noise.

It was so loud that Jerry and Josie could hear it.
"Oh my gosh that's the noise that Rose makes." said Josie breaking the kiss.

Jerry looked around the parking lot.

He made a strange face.

"Rose?" he asked.

I ducked down.

They started walking over.

"Rose, Lilia, what are you all doing here" asked Josie.

"Swimming." said Lilia.

"You're in a car." said Jerry.

"So, we were swimming but were leaving now." Lilia said as she put the keys in the car making the engine start.

"Don't drive away! Were still taking to y'all!" yelled Josie.

"Rose, you okay, you look sad." said Jerry.

"Yeah I'm fine, thanks for asking." I replied.

"Okay well we'll see you guys later." said Jerry as he put his arm around Josie.

"Bye." I said holding back tears.

Lilia drove off.

"lets put some music on to distract you." she said turning on the radio.

My life would suck without you, was on.

"Aww this song reminds me of Jerry." I said.

"I love this song but it's hurting you, I have to turn it off."

For the rest of the ride we drove in silence.

Finally Lilia dropped me off at my house.

"Bye Lilia, see you later." I said closing the car door.

"Bye." she said waving.

When the door closed behind me, I ran to my room.

I cried then fell asleep.

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