When the Earth Split

The Earth was infected with a recipe for destruction- what will happen now?


3. The Second Failed Plan

   "Faster Faster!" Sue screamed as the cracks from the hole chased after the car. Danary screamed that he had a plan, but Sue could barely hear him over the screaming chaos of the people either going into the hole or being hit by their car. Sue slid over to the driver's seat, and started driving. Danary stood on the top of the car, holding one of the antidotes. However, Danary then dropped the antidote onto the ground, and he flew off the car into the hole. Sue, who was watching, screamed.

   "DANARY!!" She screamed. Then, the rear windshield exploded and flew into the cracks, now stretching at least a mile. The suction was eating up everything, from pedestrians to houses. The hinge on the door on the back started to jiggle, then the door flew off. The suction was tugging at Sue's hair like a hyper 7 year old. The chairs were all sucked away and Sue was left standing on the gas, hard as she could. Suddenly, one of the cracks spread in front of the car and going back forming a loop. The car tripped over the loop, flew three feet and landed upside down.. Sue climbed out, and saw the loop being pulled into the hole like an elevator going down. Sue began to run as fast as she could, which was fast thanks to her spy training.She found a car that was crashed into a telephone pole, opened the door, hot wired it, and drove away.

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