When the Earth Split

The Earth was infected with a recipe for destruction- what will happen now?


1. The Plan That Failed

   The plan was to meet at the top of the Eiffel Tower with the syringes full of the mixture, and then plunge it into the target. The agents assigned to the project: Agent Danary and Agent Sue. That is where our story begins. It was a peaceful morning, up until then. When Sue walked up to Danary on the 3rd floor of the Eiffel tower, she walked up to the railing where he was and leaned her arms against it.

   "Agent Sue," Danary said without looking up from gazing down at the ground.

   "Agent Danary" replied Sue.

   "Do you have it?" Danary asked. Sue held up the very official-looking case that held the syringes. She set it down on the railing, opened it up, and took out one of the syringes very cautiously. Then she closed the case and clipped back onto her belt. She handed the syringe to Danary, and he took it. Then, without a word, they proceeded to the exit. However, Danary did a fatal thing. He forgot to tie his shoe, and it caught on one of the nails in the floor. He tripped, and the syringe flew over the railing. Danary was dangling over the railing. Sue raced over, her heart pounding at an impossible pace. She tried to hoist Danary up, but the real trouble was the syringe. She could see it balancing on the railing one floor below them, ready to fall at any moment. Some stupid couple then walked to railing, having a kissing moment. The girl hit the plunger side of the syringe, and it fell. When it hit the Earth, it plunged itself straight into the ground. The plunger then went down. Sue dropped Danary onto the couple because she was stunned. She knew the fatal thing that was going to happen. She tried to wish it wouldn't happen, but no more that mattered. The soil was already cracking.

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