When the Earth Split

The Earth was infected with a recipe for destruction- what will happen now?


4. Overseas

   All the way over the Atlantic ocean, in Maryland America, in Silver Spring, Agent George was doing his regular job, tracking every agent, watching their status, reading their missions, etc. He watched as Danary's tracking on his laptop disappeared. He started tracking Agent Sue, Danary's partner on their project, when he got a sudden phone call. The caller ID told him that it was Agent Sue. He answered the phone, and started talking.

   "This is George, start talking," he said.

   "George, this is Sue," Sue said. George could hear a strong wind in the background behind Sue, as well as the hum of a broken car engine. 

   "Where is Danary? I lost his signal about 5 minutes ago.

   "Yeah, well I lost him 5 minutes ago." Sue said, a hint of sorrow in her voice. "George, the MCPU (the code name for the concoction) is in the Earth. Danary just got sucked down into the hole. I think that its swallowing the atmosphere as well." George just stood there, stunned. For a moment he said nothing, then he lost his balance and fell onto his collection of pickle jars, and glass went everywhere. George, miraculously still holding the phone, stood up and examined his cuts before going back to Sue. 

   "Are you going to put the antidote into the Earth?" he asked.

   "Danary tried, but he failed. Plus, I had it in the car." Sue explained. 

   "Why can't you get it out?" George asked.

   "George, the car was sucked into the hole." Sue said.

   "Why do you keep saying that the hole is sucking in everything? Shouldn't it just be growing?"

   "That is because the atmosphere is pulling everything in with it! I need you to put your antidotes in!" Sue said. 

   "Will do," George said. AS he said that, the sky outside his window turned a deep shade of grey and thunderclouds started to gather. Sue was right, the atmosphere was going away.

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