When the Earth Split

The Earth was infected with a recipe for destruction- what will happen now?


5. Earth go Bye-bye

   George worked furiously over his desktop as he tried to find his mixture that was the antidote. Since he was still living with his mom, everything in his room was a mixture of top secret government things, laundry, reminders, and childish items. Some people might disagree to him having uranium in a room that also has a birthday letter "to georgy from mommy" from when he was seven. Eventually, George found the antidote under his mattress. It was wrapped in eleven layers of cloth and held in a syringe. That's when his phone rang, and again the caller id said it was Sue. He pressed the answer button.

   "Hey what are you doing?" he asked.

   "About 103 mph!" Sue screamed over the sound of horrifically howling wind. The hum of a new car this time was humming, probably a Lamborghini Diablo based on the hum and the speed. Sue explained that she had just passed the end of France limits and was now heading into Luxembourg. Plus, she also claimed that since the edge of the hole and its cracks were still following her, the entire country of France was long gone. George explained that he had just found the antidote, and he was about to say that she was right about the atmosphere when Sue's screaming cut him off. 

   "What is it?" George said with the utmost panic in his body.

   "One of the cracks just came out from under my car,  and it went like it was going all the way around the world!" Sue cried. George looked out his window, and sure enough there was a crack going all the way as far as the eye could see, having a width of three cars and a depth that went all the way down to the core of Earth. What was strange, though, was that the crack was widening. The width was the size of two mobile homes now. Then, the suction started. As George leaned closer and closer to the windows, the pressure pulled them out of there frames. As the windows flew, George quickly grabbed the frame as to avoid being sucked into the hole. The phone, however, flew into the hole too. Now he had non contact with agent Sue. Everything started flying out of his room, including his equipment. Soon, his room was empty. The door swung open. 

   "Honey, I made you cookies, AHHHHHHHHHH!" Georges mother screamed as she was sucked into the hole. George screamed. He became horrified as cars and houses and pedestrians were sucked into the hole. George could notice a change in the oxygen level, and he started breathing more heavily. Without thinking, he took the antidote out of his pocket, and threw it into the ground and the house, which was now inching closer to the hole, pressed the plunger down as it was sucked into the hole with George. On the other side of the world, Sue threw a spare antidote she found into the ground, drove into the plunge, and flew down into the hole. Then, the antidotes activated, and time stopped. Then, a black hole opened up, and everything went into it.

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