When the Earth Split

The Earth was infected with a recipe for destruction- what will happen now?


2. Disater Begins

   Agent Sue raced down the stairs, stopping on the 2nd floor to grab Danary. He was lying bellyside up horizontally over the couple, who were lying on their bellies. She grabed him by the neck, and dragged him down the stairs to the bottom of the Tower. She  walked over to where the syringe was plunged into the Earth. Already, the soil was showing small crcks in the dirt, but Sue knew that it could only lead to the Earth's end. Danary started running over to the car in order to get the phone and call HQ. Sue was still watching in horror as the cracks in the soil started to grow and expand away from the syringe, which was now empty. Suddenly, without warning, the syringe was pulled into the ground, and sucked down. When Sue peered down, she saw the center of the Earth all the way down. Danary then pulled her from behind and pushed her towards the car, which he had drove up next to her. Sue landed in the car, but Danary's tie was being sucked into the hole in the ground. The hole expaned more, and Danary untied his tie. Agents like them never wore clip on ties. As Danary's tie was sucked into the hole now the size of a large cake and growing, Sue realized that the hole was draining the atmosphere. Clouds started gathering, and lightning hit the spot where the hole was. The cracks going from the hole expanded over to the Eiffel tower, and the corner started to sink into the hole. As the Eiffel Tower fell down into the hole, the couple tried holding onto the edgeof the hole. The girl was sucked into the hole, screaming all the way down. The man, who was still hanging, started to slip. His arms started to lengthen, and then his hands fell off his arms. He fell all the way down, and his arms fell with him. Then, the Soil started to fall in at a faster rate, and Sue started the car, with Danary in it. They both watched in horror as the hole expanded to the highway that once stood under the Eiffel tower, and the cars were sucked into the hole, one by one. Pedestrians were screaming, and chaos was everywhere. Some pedestrians were falling into the hole. The cracks cracked their way over to the Chunnel, and a passing ship was sucked into the hole. Sue and Danary drove as fast as they could away from the hole. Already in three minutes half of Paris had been sucked away.

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