The Pain of Knowing You

Lexi Grace is 15 years old, her parents just got a divorce and they are constantly fighting over who she gets to stay with. She is forced to move away from her home in Ireland to a small city of St. David's in Wales. She easily makes new friends, but there's that one guy that seems to hate her no matter what she does or says. He causes her so much pain, her friends try to help her through it, but it seems as if all hope is lost. Until someone shows up in this little town, and it looks like things could get a little better for Lexi. THIS STORY IS ON A IRREGULAR SCHEDULE!!!! I DONT WANT TO PUT IT ON HOLD BUT I MIGHT UPDATE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!!


4. Chapter 4

        I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready to go out when my phone rang so I quickly ran over to answer it.

     "Hello?" I said.

     "Hey Lexi, I might be a little bit late. My mom is making me clean my room for a little extra money." Alexandra said on the other line.

     "That's fine, I was running late anyways. So I will see you round 1?" I asked.

    "Sure." I hung up and walked back to my bathroom. I put my hair up in a messy bun and got dressed, it was only 12: 25 so I had a little while to wait. I sat down on my bed and watched t.v. until it was time to go.



     Alexandra and I walked into Hollister and started looking around. I was looking through some jeans when I heard her squeal. "Lexi! Look at this! It's perfect for you!" I walked over to where she was holding out a shirt. I gathered the material from her and look at the shirt. I was really cute, it had little floral designs on it and had that little tie thing on the bottom front of it. It cut off like a vest, and was adorable. 

    "Thanks!" I call to her as I walk over to the changing room to try it on. I look in the mirror to see how it looks on me, she was right it was really cute. 

     I but that shirt and loads of other shirt and bottoms. Alex and I walked over towards the food court to get some lunch. As we were looking for a place to eat, I saw a guy sitting at a table alone. Alex told me about this really good Chinese food place on the far side of the food court so we decided to go there. 

      When we were sitting there eating I couldn't help it when my eyes kept wandering over to that guy. I don't know why but for some reason I feel like I know him. I sat there staring at him and thinking about it until Alex snapped her fingers in front of my face.

     "Lexi! Are you gonna stare at that guy all day?" She asks me with a small giggle.

     "What? I wasn't staring." I defend myself quickly and go back to eating my chicken.

     "No, you were gawking. Like you were passing a bloody car accident on the road and you couldn't help but stare." Alex says with a smug grin on her face.

     "Whatever." I say

      "Go over there and talk to him." She urges me.

     "No, I don't like him. He just reminds me of someone I know, I have no clue why."

     "Uh huh, suurre." She says with a playful smile.


      "Well, you either talk to him now or at school."

      I nearly spit out my soda I just took a drink from, "He goes to our school?" I ask bewildered. 

      Alex laughs at me, "Yes of course! It's the only High School around for a few miles." She explained.

      "Oh, I didn't know that." We threw away our trash into the bins and walked over to Bath & Body Works. We were greeted with a strong scent of different things, Vanilla, Strawberry, Flowers, any scent you can name they had it in either lotion, hand sanitizer or perfume. I went over to the lotions and looked at them, one of them caught my eye. I put some of the lotion from the sample bottle on my hand and rubbed it in and smelt it. It was flowery but not too over powering. It had a slight hint of chocolate. I decided to get that one and a few hand sanitizers. Alex and I payed for our things and continues our journey forward.



       Alex's mom picked us up from the mall a few hours later and dropped me off at my house, "Thanks for the ride." I told her as I got out. "I'll text you later Alex." I walked up to the gate and punched in the code. The gates slowly opened and I walked straight up to the house. I trudged through the front door and walked up the marble staircase to my room. Gosh, describing my house like this makes me feel like some rich spoiled little girl.

      I took out all my clothes and hung them up and placed all my other things in their spots. I like to keep my room clean, but that isn't easy for me. I decided I wanted to go swimming so I changed into my suit and grabbed a towel from the closet. I made it down to the pool and barley placed my toe in, to my surprise it was really warm! I walked over to the steps and slowly got in. I floated around on my back for awhile letting my skin soak up the sun.

      I drew lazy circles in the water with my fingers, just relaxing. It felt good to do this. Back in Ireland we didn't have a pool, I always had to go to my friends house to swim. And their pool was one of those big blow up ones that look real. 

      After about half an hour I got out of the pool and dried myself off. I wandered around the yard to see what was there. I passed a beautiful garden, which had a cute little bird bath in the middle of. There was a small shed in the corner of the yard that you couldn't even see from my room. I guess that's where the lawn things are. 

     I made my way inside the house and saw my mom sitting at the counter looking through different papers. "Oh hi sweetie! When did you get back?" 

     "About  minutes ago." I tell her. I wrap my towel around me tighter, the air conditioned house was much cooler than the pool and outside. 

     "Oh, what did you get?"

     "Some clothes, school supplies  Stuff like that." I said. I walked up to my room to change out of my dripping wet suit and into some nice warm clothes.  I sat down on my bed and looked though facebook, I looked to see if Alex had one and when I found her I sent her a friend request. I took a picture of the pool from my window and posted it to facebook. I'm sure all my friends back home owuld be jealous..

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