The Pain of Knowing You

Lexi Grace is 15 years old, her parents just got a divorce and they are constantly fighting over who she gets to stay with. She is forced to move away from her home in Ireland to a small city of St. David's in Wales. She easily makes new friends, but there's that one guy that seems to hate her no matter what she does or says. He causes her so much pain, her friends try to help her through it, but it seems as if all hope is lost. Until someone shows up in this little town, and it looks like things could get a little better for Lexi. THIS STORY IS ON A IRREGULAR SCHEDULE!!!! I DONT WANT TO PUT IT ON HOLD BUT I MIGHT UPDATE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!!


1. Chapter 1

   The second I stepped out of the car I nearly dropped my bags. In front of me was a gigantic house with a marble staircase. The house was pale brown and appeared to be three stories high. It looked fit for a queen with perfectly trimmed hedges, and a concrete fountain sitting just car distance away from the gates that surround the house.

   "C'mon Lexi. I want to be inside before the movers get here." My mom called out to me as she trudged up the shiny marble staircase and shoved open the big oak door. I rolled my eyes and quickly grabbed all my bags and ran up the steps of my new house.

   I walked in and looked around for my mom, when I finally found her in the big open dinning room I asked her, "Where's my room?" I was dying to set down my heavy bags.

     "On the second floor, third one on your right." My mom replied without even looking at me. Great, I moved 250 miles away from my home in Ireland, away from every person I know, to be alone in this ginormous house with my mother.

     Not wanting to be in the same room as my mom for any longer, I ran up the stairs following the instructions my mom gave me, I quickly found my room. When I pushed open then white door, I was amazed by my room.  The room was a pale shade of orange, my favorite color, it had cute white circles with yellow edges on the walls in random spots. It felt like you were floating in an orange soda.

    The room was twice the size of my old room back home in Wexford, I was sure once all my furniture was placed in this room it would make it feel smaller. I set down my bags slowly walked over to a window, I pushed aside the soft tangerine colored curtains to reveal an in ground pool at the back of the house. There was a small ledge sticking out from the window, just big enough for a person to sit on. So of course that is what I did, I sat there admiring the beautiful scene. The water in the pool was undisturbed, the crystal clear blue water looked so appealing. I just wanted to run down the stairs to it and jump in, let the water wash away my past, start fresh in a new place.

   My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a large car come screeching to a halt at the front of the house. Excited that the movers where here, I moved from my comfortable spot at the window and made my way to the front doors.

   The front door was wide open and I could see my mom ordering the movers around, telling them to be careful with things, that she didn't want to have to go out and buy all new things when she just bought such an expensive house. I moved aside as one of the movers came in with a few chairs. Deciding that I would help them, unlike my mother, I walked out to the truck and searched for my bedroom things. I spotted my desk chair, glad that it wasn't heavy, I grabbed it out of the truck and carried up to my room. Quickly, I set it down in the center of the room and then ran back down to help get the rest of my things.




    "Thanks so much for the help!" My mom yelled to the movers as they were pulling out of our drive way. She swiftly closed the door and sighed, "Finally! Now we can just relax." She says. She makes her way over to the couch in the living room and practically fell on it. A devilish smile creeps up on my face, I ran towards to couch and jumped on top of my mom. She made an 'uff' sound and then started laughing. I join in the laughing with her, and I was laughing so hard I fell off the couch. I was soon rolling on the floor laughing like an idiot. 

   I was like that for a few minutes before I was out of breath and I had to sit up to breathe. After I finished acting like a  9 year old I went to the kitchen to see if we had any food. Luckily I found a cartoon of milk in the refrigerator and a box of cereal in the cabinet. I made myself a bowl of cereal and went up to my room to eat it. My bed was in the center of the wall furthest away from then door, I had orange sheets on my bed. My wooden desk was pushed up in a corner, I had a small table with fold up chair in another corner. My dresser was across from my bed, my T.V. was mounted on the wall above my dresser's mirror. My room looked perfect, I got on my bed and turn on the T.V. looking for something to watch. NOTHING WAS ON!! In aggravation I threw the remote across the room and it hit my desk.

   I jumped up and ran over to my desk, "I am so sorry desk! I didn't mean to hurt you, I hope you can forgive me!" I said and wrapped my arms around one side of my desk as if I was hugging it. I then changed into my pajamas and laid in bed with my laptop, checking my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all my social networking sites like I do every night. 

   I got bored reading about what my friends back in Ireland were doing, so I went on Youtube and watched a few Jenna Marbles videos. She always made me laugh, and her dogs were so weird. I mean Kermit looked like he was an old man! I wish I could visit America, I've always wanted to go there. But my family didn't have enough money, until now. You see, my mom and dad got a divorce not long ago. That is why I moved away with my mom, I honestly never thought my dad would never let me move away with my mom without putting up a fight, but he did. Hardly even argued with my mom about it. He practically packed my bags and sent me off with his full blessing. My mom got a really good job working at a Law-firm here in St. David's, she started working there a few weeks ago before we officially moved here. I had seen pictures of the house before, but seeing it in person was different. She got paid well, that's why we could afford such a big house. 

   I closed my laptop and plugged it into it's charger. Tomorrow I would have to get up early to go with my mom and sign up for school even though summer wasn't over for another week. Like every other teenager in this world, I was not looking forward to going back to school, I mean I always had great friends that I hung out with, but being the new girl was something I was not used to. I didn't know if people would be nice to me and welcome me, or if the would look the other way and ignore me. Hopefully not the second, my eyelids were getting heavy so I gave in and let sleep take over my body. Hopefully I could make new friends easily....

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