The Pain of Knowing You

Lexi Grace is 15 years old, her parents just got a divorce and they are constantly fighting over who she gets to stay with. She is forced to move away from her home in Ireland to a small city of St. David's in Wales. She easily makes new friends, but there's that one guy that seems to hate her no matter what she does or says. He causes her so much pain, her friends try to help her through it, but it seems as if all hope is lost. Until someone shows up in this little town, and it looks like things could get a little better for Lexi. THIS STORY IS ON A IRREGULAR SCHEDULE!!!! I DONT WANT TO PUT IT ON HOLD BUT I MIGHT UPDATE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!!



 I really have lost all interest in every book I have started. I want to start fresh.. I might make a new account, I doubt it. I will probably never revisit my old stories even though they are not finished. Im sorry if you liked them but I feel like they were  all going no where. If you want to be a co author and really have the book as your own comment and I will let you be a co author. So I hope to have a new story up soon, thanks for the support!! I wil try to keep this one story going... since I promised that I would

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