The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


1. The New Kid

The New Kid

Harry's Pov

I was sitting with louis in drama class mr.Lynch was going over some expectations and I've heard it all before just then this girl walked in sucking on a lollipop. She was kind of cute. She had long brown hair with some blonde highlights. She had the most beautiful brown eyes.

" Class, we have a new student. Her name is Carla, please welcome her and make her feel like she is welcome." Mr. Lynch told us

" Louis she is so hot, i am going to ask her to be in our group since she doesn't have one." I told Lou. " well she is but we already wrote the script and handed it in. she can't be apart of our group."

Carla's POV

" Well Carla you can join what ever group you would like, if you want I can place you in a group were you would be okay?" Lynch told me " anything is fine really."

" Harry, Louis meet your new group member." " yeah i don't really want to be in a group with all boys" "Eleanor join Harry's group with carla"

Harry's POV

So now there is four of us, Louis can't keep off Eleanor every five minutes they are either kissing or cuddling. Then my ex Julia walked in with Kika and Veronica. Which was hilarious when veronica tripped Julia.

and she almost fell "Can you watch my Taco Bell i waited 10 minutes in line for this! ... Sup mr.lynch " Julia told him.

She is dating Niall now. I dont know why she would leave me for him but Niall is my friend as he is happy so that is good. As she walked over to him, her friends followed. They were super nice compared to some of the things said about them.

" hey, Louis......., Harry" Veronica one of Julia'd friends said She was in our group too, so now it was complete. " Hey, Verona" I teased because we were doing the play Romeo and Juliet in class. It was me, Lou, Niall, Julia, Zayn, Liam, Carla and Eleanor. " um i kind of need a part, but if there isn't one that is perfectly fine i can do something else.?" Carla asked very shyly, that was so cute. " Uh, um , I guess you can be Juliet , Harry is Romeo. But if you don't want to be Juliet  i wouldn't mind you being Rosaline, it is really up to you." Veronica told her, looked at me, blushed when i smiled at her. " um i think juliet would have to much lines for her to learn, even tho we have written a couple of extra parts I think you would have a hard time learning it. Veronica i think you should be Juliet since you, well made this 'modern' version of the play it would only be fare." I said and winked at Veronica. " It is fair Harry but I don't think Carla would mind being Juliet." She replied still blushing. Carla never answered so we took it as a no and began our rehearsal, after Lynch booted everybody into the atrium.


" Romeo, poison I see has been this timeless end, but drank all and left no friendly drop to help me after.,,, I will kiss thy lips....." " okay cut" Louis shouted

Harry's POV

Wow, Veronica is so nice, sweet, smart and hot but at the same time I don't want to ruine our good friendship. What should I do?" Hey, Kika, can I ask you something" she nodded " so I like Veronica but don't know how to tell her I do. what do i do?" " Dude, so you're pulling a Bella, dick move." just then julia walked by and i winked and stared at her and i chuckled because i still cared for her but not as much as i care for  Veronica now I cared for her like a sister or a dumb girl friend. One thing i don't get is why she wore slippers, never shoes just slippers! "Jealous of my slippers." She said, we haven't talked since last summer and she asks me if im jealous of her slippers. " no, i have more expensive slippers." "Guess what dont care." And she walked away strutting like always .




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