The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


7. Not very Manly Men

Veronica's P.O.V

I am so glad everything worked out with El and Lou. " Hey guys, could you guys build a fire?" I asked the boys " Um, babe we dont have fire wood." harry said raising his right eyebrow, everyone laughed at  the fact that i didn't know that " Well, your men, i think anyways ( they all jokingly dropped their jaws) their are a bunch of trees and twigs on the floor, theres an axe, use it to cut the dead logs and brake the fallen branches. There is some karosine over there to pour on the wood, and there are big matches on the table, Figure it out smart ones." Liam gasped at the instructions and nodded and went to go pick up the axe, Niall picked up branches and twigs,Zayn collected what Liam cut and stacked it nicely in the fire pit, Harry went to go get the karosine and matches he poured it on the wood and lit it up. " Love, are you happy?" harry said with a grin. " No" i said in a sarcaosestic way " Wha-Why, we did what you asked its burning what more do you want" he said in a playful tone, I laughed, this made him smile he walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and leant in for a kiss i dodged it and bagn to run towards the hose near the house. I turned it on and pointed it at him. I sprayed him to the point that he became soaked. He looked upset and had and evil-playfulish grin," What was thaat for" harry yelled not angrily thankfully. " Nothing I just wanted to get you wet." " Oh yeah" " Yeah I did ", I began running as fast as I could....................After he changed clothes and showered we went to go join the others when he pulled me back.


* Hey everyone i just wanted to say thanks for reading, i am so sorry i haven't been writing i have just been really busy babysitting after school and now i finally have time i will update either tonight or tomorrow depending on if i have any ideas for the next chapter. Comment telling me what you would want to happen in the next chapter. _ Love Veronica

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