The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


2. Movie Night

Veronica's POV

I can't believe Harry wants me to play Juliet. I like him so much and for some reason I think that he likes Carla too. Oh well, she is new he still has time to see what she is like. He has known me his whole life. Even when he dated my BFF Julia he would spend more time with me than with her. That sounds bad I know but we are next door neighbours. My mom used to watch him while his mom was at work. But now that we are older she doesn't watch us. He comes over almost every Friday which means he is coming over today. We normally watch movies with Louis and Eleanor but i think I should invite Carla. She is new I want to be nice to her and give her a chance. I mean I felt badf that she was new so I walked over to her. " Hey Carla, do you wanna come over to my house and watch a movie. Harry, Louis and Eleanor will be there. It would be a good opportunity for us to get to know you." " Um, okay sure, can i meet you at the flag pole so you can tell me were your house is." " Sure if you want you can even come over right away and then there would be no time wasted" she nodded and smilie in agreement.



Harry's POV

I couldn't belive this. Why would she be making this harder for me than it already was. Veronica invited Carla to OUR movie night. I know Louis and Eleanor we coming to and I didn't mind because the four of us were really close. I don't know what I am going to do because I like Veronica and if Carla is there I can't really do anything with Veronica I would feel bad for Carla not having anybody there. I think I should ask Louis.  "He Lou what would you do if the girl you liked invited another firl to a movie night and you wanted to show the first girl how much she really ment to you." "i dunno mate depends on who the girl is." " Um it is .... Veronica." You like veronica! Well, if i were you i wouldn't go tonight and ask Veronica out and see where it goes from there with the two of you" I didn't even respond before running towards Veronica.

Veronica's POV

I was sitting in my front lawn. When all of a suddden I see Harry running from across the street towards me. He was just sitting across the street talking to Louis. " Hey Veronica I can't make it tonight but would you ant to go out with me on a date tomorrow, not as friends, as two people who really like each other." there was an awkward silence before I responded without really thinking about it. " Yes!! I would love to! Why has it taken you so long to ask me I know we told  eachother we both liked eachother but why now.?" I asked with about the biggest smile on my face ' Well, I just realized how stupid it was of me to tell you I liked you and not ask you so Louis convinced me I should do it now. So that's why I came running over here." She smiled and looked at the ground." So when and were Styles? " she asked with the cutest smile. " Um how about we just watch movies all day tomorrow and hang out. Come to my place around noon." " Sure that sounds like a normal weekend if we were to hang out, but sure. You better be up this time around because last time I was at your house for two hours before you woke up." I bit my bottom lit lightly and turned around to walk back to Eleanor.



OMG El you'll never guess what happend. Well actually don't guess because Harry asked me out and we a hanging out tomorrow at his house and watching , movies all day. I can't wait. I have to meet him at noon and I was wondering if you could sleep over and help me get ready tomorrow?" She looked at me wide eyed " Sure no problem. Honestly anythinbg to make you happy. ou have been down for so long since Nathan dumped you ( yes I mean Nathan Sykes from the Wanted)  and I think Harry will be able to do that you guys have been friends for so long." She smiled and ruffled my bangs a bit before we both broke out in laughter. We looked towards Harry's house and him and Louis were highfiving and we all started laughing when they caught us looking at them. " Well, Miss Calder shall we go to blockbuster and get a movie.?" " We shall Miss Pires." we started laughing again.



"What movie did you guys pick?" Carla asked me " Well, we didn't know what movie ou would like to watch and since the boys aren't coming we got 4. 'Pitch Perfect", "Love Actually", "Titanic" , and "This is 40". Since you are our new friend you pick the movie." I ssmiled hoping she would pick a good one. "Um, how about " Pitch Perfect". If thats okay with you guys." " Actuall we were hoping you'd pick that one, haha" Eleanor told her. We didn't even make it to the middle of the movie before we all started talking." Well I am only going to be at your school for another week or so before me and my parents go off to Madrid and I will be staying there for about seven years." " Wow, i can imagine that being hard for you to always be moving and having to make new friends especially that you'll have to speak another language to make them.'

"Ya I don't really mind because, well I like the expirence of making new friends, learnung new languages and even moving all the time. Well, its 10:30 I think my mom is outside waiting to take me home. Thanks for being so nice to me and thatnks for tonight." "No problem!" we all started laughing because me and Eleanor responded at the exact same time.

" Okay then bye Carla." I said I as closed the door after she entered the car and drove away with her  mum.

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