The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


14. Inside tea time


We had been at this game for 3 hours it was midnight, "Hey guys its getting late can we go inside it creeps me out at night out here"

Veronica's P.O.V

We were all back inside with the electric fire place this time. But it looked like a regular fire place except it wasn't on so you couldn't tell it was electric, i decided to mess with the boys ' Hey do you guys think you can make another fire?" they all sighed ready to go outside when Harry figured it out " Hey, boys i've go this one" he said and walked to the button on the side of the mantle and turned it on "Okay i wish the one outside was like that'' joked Niall "Aww is the poor baby tired from holding those twigs" said Amy making fun of him "Logs, babe actually" they looked at each other and smiled. "I want some tea, is there tea in this house missy." said Louis I actually don't know, i haven't checked since i didn't need to we bought take oout for both lunch and dinner so, but i'll go now." i smiled and walked into the kitchen Zayn followed me " I thought you might need some help Verona" "Okay with that" I opened the cuboard there was tea a bunch of it but I couldn't reach it thankfully Zayn came to help me "Do you think you could reach that, im to short too" "Out of the way, shorty" "Excuse me, did you just call me shorty," "Yeah I did, haha don't worry only joking........... shorty" we both laughed, he brought down all of the boxes and placed them on the counter 'Hey guys come pick what tea you want!" we both yelled to the others there were about 50 tea choices there. "Camomille please"said Eleanor "Chai please" Perrie asked "lemon and ginger" said Niall "Green tea please" said Louis and Liam at the same time we all laughed "Manderin Orange, love" said Harry "Pomegranate green tea please miss" Amy said "Same " said Daniella "Zayn which do you want?" " green peach tea sounds good i'll have that" "Okay and I guess I'll have passion fruit tea" 

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