The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


12. I'm in Love with You

Veronica's P.O.V

I was all alone and so frightened that I would be killed or something, I just felt like  crying but I wasn't going to until something happened to me or one of the girls. Someone grabbed my waist and yelled 'boo" it was Harry I quickly turned around and met his gaze, those eyes, his eyes were perfect. "What is all this kidnapping my friends and trying to kidnap me, what are you trying to scare e to death" "Kinda, maybe well ya" he said and smiled making his dimples show i loved him or better yet in love with him. "Harry you wanna know something?" "Sure, anything love." he replied "I'm in love with you to a point that i don't even think is possible, you just perfect , your eyes just make me smile, you make me feel safe,loved and like no on else is around me when you hold me, and when we kiss it's like we're in a different galaxy,like theres no gravity under me, i don't know what else because everything about you is just perfect" he looked down then to the side and at the ground and bit his lip and looked at me, cupped my chin, licked his lips and kissed me, iit last for about a minute then he spoke " Baby, your perfect, you say your not but you are to me, i love your laugh, your eyes, your beautiful hair and the way iit flows over your shoulders, i even love that when your nose get itchy you crinkle it like a bunny, you made me become a new man, a new person, your always there to also comfort me, when we kiss i feel like i'm on cloud nine or constantly win the lottery, i don'y when i'm with you i feel like theres nothing to worry about or care about but you and making youhappy thats what makes me happy and i guess what i am trying to tell you is im in love with you and everything that comes with you." A teared trickled down his face which made me cry a little as well, I moved my hand up to wipe his tears he just smiled at me, making me blush "Don't cry Harry please " "There happy tears, its okay im a real man and real men cry"he said trying to sound funny only a bit.

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