The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


19. Girls Night Out

Veronica's POV

Me and the girls were going out since we haven't been alone just the 5 of us in a while, we were going to a club that was said to be the best in London. I was almost ready I was wearing a grey knee long fitted dress with black  sparlky pumps and, i curled my hair, and applied smokey eye makeup.

I was just ready to go when I got a text from Harry

From Harry:

Hey babe, have fun tonight, the boys and me decided that you girls aren't having all the funn we are going to hav a guys night, probably just some video games and junk food ahaha have fun again, love you.


To Harry:

Okay you guys have fun too

love you too



Im pretty sure i was a bit drunk  and Eleanor was completely sober, but not hammered like the rest of the girls Amy was using me as a support since she could barley stand, Daniella was laughing histerically at nothing with Perrie. I am a bit jealous that the boys were home at least playing fifa or something. That was what I thought until i saw Harry at the bar.I was going to make my way over to him, but as i got closer i noticed it wasn't the boys he was with after all, he was with Nichole, me and her used to be friends in grade 3 but then she changed and hung out with different people and we went from besties to enimies in one summer. The worst part was that he wasn't only with her, but that he leaned in to kiss her, that was when i walked over there. "I can't believe you would cheat on me!" "Veronica its not what it looks like" "Save the bullshit I saw you lean in and kiss her! Harry Styles we're through I don't ever want to see you again! Ever! you ruined me!" Nichole was gone a this point I saw her face shocked at what had happened, i mean she was a bitch but she wasn't this kind of bitch, our relationship might not be the best but she wasn't this shallow and mean to do something like this. Harry tried to hug me and calm me down put as soon as he got close enough i slapped him so hard his head snapped the other way. I tear trickled down his cheek i knew it wasn't because i just hit him it was because he realized he had lost me  forever.


********* 3 weeks later********

I haven't seen Harry since because after that night at the club I ran away leaving no trace but only keeping in contact with Eleanor to see how she was doing with the baby. Her, Louis and Daniella promised not to tell Harry where I was, i was still in London, ironically.But I intend on one thing and that is making sure Harry Styles never crossed paths with me again.


Harry's POV

It has been three weeks since I last saw Veronica, i miss her i don't know what i was thinking when i kissed Nichole I was already piss drunk and couldn't control what I was doing anymore. What made me realize what i was doing wrong was when she slapped me. It didn't hurt as much as the thought that i would never have the love of my life in my arms.


Both POVS at different places

" I just hope one day we'll meet again and everything could be okay."



Sorry to end it this way but i am going to work on a sequel. It should be up pretty soon. It is going to be in a future time setting and I am going to switch the roll of Niall's girlfriend so comment your info below or DM me on twitter @veronicaxo14 and i will pick the girl and also tell me why it should be you as Niall's new gf.




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