The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


15. Falling

" I'll stay and help you babe" "Okay thanks Harry" he grabbed the kettle and filled it with water, then put it on the stove "You might want to grab another kettle, babe" I told him since there was about 10 of us "Okay where" "Up there, here i'll get it just give me a boost Styles" and he nodded, with that he put me sitting on his shoulders i opened the cuboard and looked for the kettle, he was laughing "What;s so funny?" i asked  him "Nothing just never thought i'd be between your legs this way"  i used my foot to kick him with my ankle in the stomach "hey" he said and began laughing he started to tickle my foot, I lost my balance and fell back I didn't hit my head thankfully my arm broke my fall, but i think i broke my arm "Owww, my arm it really hurts" "Oh no baby i am so sorry" "It's okay just get me to the hospital, i think its broken" he picked me up and walked through the living room were everybody was they immediately started asking what happened Harry explained how i fell off of his shoulders trying to get the kettle and for them to stay here while he tok me to get my arm looked at.



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