The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


3. Date Day

*** Morning finally came. THANK GOD!

"So Elly bear, what are you going to make me look like for my date?" " Well I was planning on making you look like a clown but I think doing some light make-up and some soft curls, a nice t-shirt and some skinnies. You know instead of the striped shirt and puffy pants haha." She said like a french stylist.

***** " You almost done I have to be there in 10 minutes and well hurry up!" " Ya actually I am done and relax he lives across the street not like he lives all the way in London. ' I know but I wanted enough time to bug him because I know him well enough to know that when I get there he will be sleeping like two weeks ago." We both laughed becaus I had sat in his house 2 weeks ago for two hours, Thank goodness his sister Gemmawas there to keep me comany until he was awake. " I go up off my bed quickly put on my baby blue toms to go with my baby pink skinnies and white top with had Elmo on it. I made my wa over to Harry's house and Eleanor walked to the white SUV where Louis was waiting for her. I've got to admit his car was really nice. The colour gave it a sence of elegance.



"Ding Dong" I could here him walking towards the door after hearing him yell to his mom that he'd answer it. He opened the door and he was in sweatpants and shirtless. I loved his body. He was a bit tanned and had abs. He looked at me from head to toe and smiled. " Veronica, come in. I hope your not mad because I am in my pajamas." He asked sarcastically. " Not at all Haz and we both know that you do not sleep in pants. It an image that will scar me for the rest of my life." I chuckled and we walked to his room. He opened the door and Molly his cat was on the bed sleeping. ' So what do you want to watch." he asked " Well, its hard to pick I think we have watched just about every movie on that rack." I smiled at him and bent down to get a closer look at the DVD's " How about "Ted" I think it's the only one we haven't watched yet." " Well that's because I asked my mum to buy it this morning when she went to the store. Give me it. Or since you know your wa around this room you set it up while I go get popcorn and chips and gummies." " Okay" I don't think I have ever felt this nervous around him I don't think it was showing because I sounded normal and he would totally point it out if I was acting weird. I put the movie in the player and sat on his bed. Molly woke up when I sat down and quickly made her way to sit inbetween my crossed legs. I would normally push her off because I reallydon't like cats but cats like me atleast this one did any ways. I began petting her, when Harry walked in with a bag of pocorn, a bag of chips and tub of gummy worms. I liked how he knew I liked gummy worms not gummy bears. It was weird they taste the same but he did it anyways. " See I told you that you were a cat person. press play babe. I mean babe as in my babe not babe in the way a mother would say babe." I laughed as he sat beside me and I pressed play. He put his arm around me, I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head. Before when he put his arm around me it would be to dump popcorn down my back or in my bra. " Babe,..." "Yes Haz" " I really like you but your taste in movies sucks." " Exuse me then you sould have picked it." I saidas serious as I possibly could until he threw a pice of popcorn at my face making it land inside my bra. " He shoots, He scores and the crowd goes wild haaaaaaa." He said before I grabed some gummy worms and shoved them down his shirt." Slamn dunk and she wins the game haaaa" He started tickling me and trying to escape I ended up under him. He held my hands above my head in one hand and caressed my cheek with the other. He rubbed his thumb over my  lips and kissed me . I tryed to pull away and when I did he pouted. I managed to roll on top of him and I began kissing him passionatley. I ran my fingers through his hair and he rand his through mine. "knock knock"  " HARRY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!!" his mum yelled. " Um, looking for the remote."  he responded I got off of him and sat on the edge of the bed looked at the floor and his mum picked up the remote. " Found love."


*NOTE- I will be posting more chapters when I can. Please read and tell your friends. I have a question for you guys. Do you like the character Veronica or do you want her to change as her and Harry's relationship progresses?*

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