The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


5. camping

2 months had gone by already since me and Harry started dating,not only that but I had finally got 5aniella(not danielle peazer) and Liam together. I tool a good year to convice her to finally say something."So it's settled we are all going camping at my parents cottage" Louis said, his parents had given us permission to spend the summer there if we'ed like." Ya but Lou when do we leave because I still need to pack. And go shopping for a bikini." Daniella asked or kind of stated. We all laughed at her, but I felt bad because she had never gone with us."Well, there is a mall near by there so you can go shopping up there and in about right after school ends." I responded. She started running home to pack she missed 3 period, just to go pack for the trip Eleanor went with her so she could tell her what to pack for the trip."Hey,babe I was thinking we should share a bed, you know instead of bring a lot of airmatresses. O and can you run home with me at the end of the day so I can get extra blankets,last year I was freezing with just two." Harry said giving me a wink and cheeky snile showing off his dimplesm I smilied at what he had first said. "So, can you and do you want to?" "Sure why not :arry but I think that the cottage has heating now because they did renovations not to long ago. Oh and are we all going in the same car or sepparate." I asked but I think I lnew the answer by the look on his face. He winked and smiled at me again this time my stomach did a backflip I don't know why thought he had done these things before. I don't know maybe I was in love with hime hehadnt said it yet but I wish he would say it first.


In Harry's car

"I knew you wouldn't go with them. So I brought my car so we could go alone together love" Harry told me and he put his hand on me mid-thigh. I kind of jumped when he did he had never put his hand there before while we were in the car or anywhere actually. " Son Verona I have been meaning to tell you somethibg for a couple of days but everytime I get the chance I chicken out or we get inturuppted by something.So here goes nothing but everything. I Love You." WOW he said it OMG he said it I thinkni was blushing because he looked away and smiled and " I Love You tooo. I wanted to tell you but was afraid you didn't feel the same." His green eyes shot up from looking at the road to my eyes and he smiled and was about to say something, just when Louis called him. I took the phone " Hello, this is the voiceamil of the customer "Harry Styles" he is busy and will talk to you later!" I tried to be serious but at the end I was laughing. Harry was laughing so hard he wasn't breathing, when he'd gasp for air he would only laugh more.



"DANIELLA, ELEANOR COME HERE! NOW!" "What is it Veronica?" Eleanor asked me. "Are you okay, what happened?" Daniella asked, they both looked worried. " Nothing, now that I have you guys in here. We need to be first to strike with a prank. It needs to be good." I said diabolically." Well, how about we send them shopping for snakcs for the camp fire and while they are gone we take all of there stuff outside. All of our stuff in the cars, so we can put all of the matresses in one room and hide and barricate the door and call them saying that we were robbed and they took us with them." Daniella said with a coffident smirk. I nodded in agreement but Eleanor didn't look to sure. " Whats wrong El? Dont like the idea? " "No it's not that its just that, well um, uh ............




* Sorry i haven't been updating but m computer was broken so i couldn't do anything. Hope you like it and here's a question, What do you think Eleanor is going to tell Daniella and Veronica? Comment your answers below.

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