The Girl Across the Street

Harry likes Veronica and Veronica like Harry. They have lived across the street from eachother their whole lives and you'll have to read to find out


13. Back to the Fire

Harry's P.O.V

I still wanted to know what the girls were planning "so girls what were you guys planning in the kitchen, the reason im asking is that when veronica said she had an idea she made an evil smirk" they all looked at each other and signaled to each other who should talk using their eyes, it came to Amy talking " We were talking about what questions we should ask because we wanted to play truth or dare and thats about it." she explained smiling crossing her legs like a little kid and slouched on them "Okay explain Veronica's evil smirk then" -Niall asked "I just made a face boys seriously just for fun nothing bad is going to happen no pranks, no nothing" Veronica defended "so are we going to play or not?" -Daniella asked eagerly "Yea we are" shouted louis excitedly "I'll go first" he said "Okay, my first victim is Veronica, truth or dare" she looked at him unsure what to pick "Truth" "You sure about that" "yes" "okay, are you a virgin, if not who did you lose it to, and if you are who would you want to lose it to." "Is it to late to pick dare, but anyways um....... i am  not a virgin and if i am still with him i would want to lose it to harry, i guess even if we did brake up still him.' "oooooooooooooooolalalala" everyone said in chime and looked at us with both blushed, i scratched the back of my head and said " i don't  think we're going to be braking up anytime soon." she squeezed my hand "Okay my turn" she said excitedly "okay, niall, truth or dare " "Dare" "Okay you jump high so, i dare you to jump over Amy's head, but she has to stand up straight with her face down so she doesn't hurt her neck" "Okay thats easy, babe don't worry I won't hurt you" He said to her and pecked her on the lips they both got up Amy stood behind the chair about 5 meters back and Niall backed up until the shed so he could get a go run before he jumped, he started runnning and lifted him self off of her shoulders and landed on the otherside stumbled then fell face forward. Every one clapped while laughing "Okay, i pick Daniella." he said "Truth or Dare" "Truth" "Okay, what was your most embarassing moment" "I don't know, i guess in the middle of a cheer at school and the shorts under neath my uniform ripped when I was in the air doing the splits." "haha I remember that, funniest moment from cheerleading" said veronica and eleanor agreed with her. They had all been cheerleaders along with Perrie, not Amy because she didn't go to our school.




Veronica's P.O.V

We had been at this game for 3 hours it was midnight, "Hey guys its getting late can we go inside it creeps me out at night out here"

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