Good-bye in One Year

Sage Jolie is a junior at her high school. She has a pretty normal life until one night when her and her boyfriend get into a car wreck. She comes out with a broke arm and a couple of stitches but he's not so lucky. As they do his blood work, they find out that he has cancer. There is nothing they can do for him and he ends up dying one month later. She feels like her whole life is over until she finds a box of letters under his bed addressed to her. He wrote her everything single day for a whole year. This letters send her on a trip pf a lifetime to help her find herself and live without him even though she isn't ready to say those last words... Good-bye


4. Why me?

Luke's P.O.V


How could she do that? Come out of that house looking... Looking almost hot. My best friend just died and she is trying to flaunt around like a... I grunted then pulled into my parking space. She didn't say a word to me, not even a thank you as she got out of my jeep and slammed the door. I grunted again then but my lip. It took so much of me not to get out and yell at her. I promised Sam that I would watch out for her but if she was going to act like such a bitch, I couldn't do it. I didn't know why she hated me so much.

I hoped out of jeep with my pack hanging off my left shoulder. I pushed my sunglasses up off the tip of my nose and started for the school. I could feel an arm wrap around mine and a small smile crossed my lips.

"Hey babe!" Natalie giggled and kissed me.

I moaned, "Babe. How are you?"

She flipped her blonde hair back and giggled, "Great now. Wanna ditch? I've missed you!" She licked her lips and gave me a sexy smile. I looked at her then I looked at the school. Sage was walking by herself up the stairs. Everyone was looking at her. I shook my head. Why me?

"I can't today Nat, can we hang after school." I said then walked off. I ran up the steps and glided behind Sage. Her arms were hooked with some girl who was her best friend but I didn't really know her. I heard she was crazy though.

"So your mom made you come? What a drag S.J." Her friend said.

"Yeah..." Sage said in a low voice. I could hear tears coming on from the sound of her voice. I knew this girl too well. I sighed and shook my head. This is his way of getting back at me, I knew it.

Sage's P.O.V.

Mackie and I walked down the hall arm in arm. Everyone was staring at me. They all gave me that look. One that was either sad or depressed or a look like why did she come to school looking like that? They must have thought I didn't even care about Samuel. I could fell tears coming on. I just wanted to go home. I turned my body around and hit something or someone hard.

I fell to the floor with a hard thud. That was it for me. The tears broke from my eyes. I couldn't stop or help it. I sobbed harder and harder and everyone seemed to come around to see me cry. It made it even worse. I rose from the floor and ran to the nearest bathroom. I locked myself in the stall. I held all the tears until the bell rang. I looked around the bathroom to make sure no one was in there. I started to cry again.

I heard the door open to the bathroom and I came Luke. I turned away from him and started to wipe away my tears. I couldn't cry in front of him. I would never let him see me in pain.

"What are you doing in here? It's the girls bathroom." I sniffed.

Luke sighed, "I had to make sure you were okay..."

"I'm fine. Please just leave me alone." I sniffed again.

"I can't do that princess. Come on. I'm going to take you home." He said.

"I can't go home Luke. I have to do this. I will talk to you later." I tossed the paper in the trash and left the bathroom without looking what I look like. Who cares? My best friend, my boyfriend, my one and only was gone. No need to look nice anyway.


The day ended very slowly. I got looks from everyone, even the teachers. There was a small announcement about his death and to live on in his in his nature or something. That was probably the worst moment of my whole day.

I walked out to Luke's jeep and leaned on it. Mackie waved at me and walking over. Her hair was a deep black color that was longer on the right side then the left. She wore way too much makeup and she dressed rather interesting. Today she wore a black poodle skirt and some weird red top. She wore these 60's glasses when she had 20 20 vision. Just looking at her made me break into laughter, laughter that I really needed.

"What? Don't I look beautiful? Come on, whatever happened to being original?" She laughed. She gave me a really big hug then looked at me. "How do you feel?"

"Better now. I haven't laughed all day." I giggled.

Mackie nodded her head, "Glad I could help now tell me, why are you hanging all over Mr. Man Slut of the years car? He ran after you this morning as well. Details darling!"

"Too much to tell. Come over on Friday and we can talk." I said.

"Deal. Well. I must be going. Chad is waiting!" She puckered her lips and skipped off.

"Make good choices!" I screamed after her. I laughed then climbed into Luke's jeep.

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