Good-bye in One Year

Sage Jolie is a junior at her high school. She has a pretty normal life until one night when her and her boyfriend get into a car wreck. She comes out with a broke arm and a couple of stitches but he's not so lucky. As they do his blood work, they find out that he has cancer. There is nothing they can do for him and he ends up dying one month later. She feels like her whole life is over until she finds a box of letters under his bed addressed to her. He wrote her everything single day for a whole year. This letters send her on a trip pf a lifetime to help her find herself and live without him even though she isn't ready to say those last words... Good-bye


9. The Truth

"WHAT?!" Mackie screamed as we painted trees for the set. We both were in the school play but mostly as production workers, nothing special.

"Shhh!" I snapped at her. I made sure no one was near us before I eyed her again. It was only crew today which meant it was Mackie, Chad, London, Sawyer and Teddy working today. Everyone else was working on the big art project, painting a town of houses while Mack and I worked on the easier stuff.

"Why haven't you told me that before?!" She gasped.

I dipped the pain brush in the green paint and started to work. It was the middle of March and all of Samuel's letters were the same. They depressed me more than they helped me getting over him but yet I still did what he said. I put myself out there, joined a couple clubs, working on the school play, all different kinds of stuff. The only difference is that I wasn't talking to Luke anymore. Chad and Mackie started to pick me up before and after school under his request and he has been avoiding me lately, that's when the truth came out to Mackie.

"The only other person who knew was Samuel. I wanted to tell you but I didn't want you to look at me differently." I whispered as I painted the tree.

"Sage that's insane! I would never look at you differently even if you lost your V-card to Mr. Man Slut!" She said in almost of a daze.

It was true. It was the summer before my freshmen year, I went to a party with Sam and Luke. Things got way out of hand. I thought I was drinking punch all night but it was spiked. I don't even know half the stuff I did that night besides sleeping with Luke. It made my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

"I just... I just didn't want anyone to know." I whispered again.

Mackie hummed, "So you were his first and then he became a slut after that... Damn girl, what did you do to him?!"

"Nothing! It was a mistake, one of the biggest mistakes of my life!" I almost yelled.

The group ahead of us turned around and gave us a long stare. Mackie flipped them off then they went back to work. She gave me one of her famous smiles. She puckered her lips and said, "So how did you and Sammy end up together anyway if you slept with Luke?"

I let out a long sigh, "Sam found us together and almost killed Luke. But once he found put how wasted we were, he drove me home. I asked him to stay with me cause I didn't want to be alone. My dad just left. We moved to a strange house and my family was gone so he spent the night. After that, we just got each other. We never left each others sides again."

"Awh, how romantic! Then what did you do about Luke?" She asked applying lip stick.

I put down the paint brush and looked at her, "The next day, he came over to talk to me but I refused. We didn't speak for the rest of the summer and when we came back to school, him and Sam picked up where they left off but it was different for me. I couldn't be around him. He started to become a slut then I met you and the rest is history."

Mackie put down her lip stick and gave me a real, hard look. Mackie maybe a tad of the crazy pool but she was my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her. I would have no one to talk to about this. I had to get it off my chest. She reached out and took my hand.

"I'm here for you, Sage." She said then that was it. That's all I needed to hear. We got back to working on the set.

An hour later, I saw him. He was sitting upstairs with his eyes set on me. Luke. He didn't look like his normal self today. His hair wasn't done, he wore baggy clothes and he looked like he hasn't slept in forever. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could, he got up and left. My mouth was still open as I turned my head and looked at Mackie. Her eyes followed him. She looked pissed. Awh hell...

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