Good-bye in One Year

Sage Jolie is a junior at her high school. She has a pretty normal life until one night when her and her boyfriend get into a car wreck. She comes out with a broke arm and a couple of stitches but he's not so lucky. As they do his blood work, they find out that he has cancer. There is nothing they can do for him and he ends up dying one month later. She feels like her whole life is over until she finds a box of letters under his bed addressed to her. He wrote her everything single day for a whole year. This letters send her on a trip pf a lifetime to help her find herself and live without him even though she isn't ready to say those last words... Good-bye


16. The Date

I expected us to just go to a movie or something but Luke thought differently. He picked me up in an old rusted up pick-up truck. We drove out into the country where no one could possibly find us. I was puzzled by this because I didn't know what we were going to do.


He got out of the truck. He walked to the other side of the door and opened it for me. He helped me out then tugged on my arm. I followed him to the hatch. He opened it and my mouth dropped. The back of the truck was full of blankets and a basket full of food. He placed his hands on my hips and lifted me into the hatch. I crawled to the back then waited for him. He looked at me for a second then smiled and got into the back with me.


I smiled at him. He opened the basket which was full of food and sweets from sandwich's to white chocolate covered pretzels. He handed me a bottle of water and we ate in silence for awhile.


"Soo.." I said trying to ease the awkwardness.


"Remember the night we kissed at your house?" He asked.


"Yes." I almost whispered.


"That is on my top five best things that has ever happened to me." He laughed.


I couldn't help but smile, "What's number one?"


He looked at me with his amazing eyes. The look he gave me gave me chills up and down my body. I just wanted to kiss me. I wanted to do a lot with him at this moment but I held it in, at least I hope I do.


"You will have to figure that one out." He smiled.


We talked forever and ate all the food. I started to get cold and we got under some blankets and looked up into the sky where the stars were shinning and the world seemed all too good. I rested my head on his chest and listened to the beat of his heart. I could remember doing this with Sam after a long day but I can't remember it feeling this good.


"What's your number one?" I asked.


I could feel his chest rumble then a laugh came out of his mouth. It was shaky and nervous. I lifted my head and looked into his eyes. He smiled that crazy smile and whispered, "This is pretty close to one."


I couldn't help myself in that moment. I brought my lips to his and stopped thinking. I just kissed him and he kissed back. It was so soft and sweet but I craved more from him. The kisses got harder but still sweet. He ran his fingers over my bare hip then flipped me over onto my back. He smiled at me and I knew in that moment where I wanted this to go...

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