Good-bye in One Year

Sage Jolie is a junior at her high school. She has a pretty normal life until one night when her and her boyfriend get into a car wreck. She comes out with a broke arm and a couple of stitches but he's not so lucky. As they do his blood work, they find out that he has cancer. There is nothing they can do for him and he ends up dying one month later. She feels like her whole life is over until she finds a box of letters under his bed addressed to her. He wrote her everything single day for a whole year. This letters send her on a trip pf a lifetime to help her find herself and live without him even though she isn't ready to say those last words... Good-bye


15. Forgive and Forget

His story was simple. He didn't cheat on me, he just went to her house to work on something for school and the kiss meant nothing. I said he could do whatever he wanted because we weren't really together. He didn't like that. I could tell in his face that he wanted something more, something I wasn't willing or ready to give him. I tired to hug him goodbye when he left my house but he pushed past me. I haven't heard from him since which was three days ago. It was Sunday, movie day in my mind while my mom and brother were out. 


I pulled Luke's old sweatshirt over my little body and curled up like a dog on the love seat with many blankets and pillows surrounding me. I felt comfortable. Like I always did on days like these when my friends were out with their boyfriends and the letters from Samuel were summed up. I sighed wishing I had someone to talk to. Then it hit me. I pulled out my crappy little phone and dialed Gwen's number. She had left awhile ago, leaving me to crazy miss her. She was just like her brother in that way. The way they both carried themselves just made you want to talk to them even more. 


"Hello Sage Jolie!" Gwen's perky voice chimed. 


"Hey Gwen." I said, "Is this a bad time? I just need someone to talk to." 


I heard tap being cut then a word muttered under her breath that I couldn't make out. "Not a bad time at all. I'm just packing up. Luke didn't tell you, did he? Our father is now in the FBI and I have to move up to Virginia. Guess what that means! I'm going to be a lot closer to my brother!" She giggled making me laugh. 


"That's great Gwen! I can't wait to see you! You are going to stop here, right?" 


She laughed, "Of course! I can't wait to see you and Luke together, finally! I knew you belonged. He told me everything!" 


I sighed, "Gwen. We aren't together. Something happened. I found out he went to Nat's house and then they kissed and I kinda freaked out. He explained what happened but I told him it didn't matter cause we weren't together nor would we ever be." 


I could hear Gwen drop the tap and the box that was possibly in her arms. She gasped, "No! Don't tell me that! You guys have to be together! It's suppose to happen! Sam said-" She stopped herself. 


"Sam said what?" I aske spitting up on the love seat. 


Gwen was quiet then she whispered, "Sam said nothing. I meant to say Luke." 


"Gwen-" I started. 


"I'll see you next week old chap! Please. Talk to Luke. He really likes you." 


She hung up with no further answer to what she really meant. I held the phone in the my fingers then pulled up Luke's number. I hit call. I hope he would answer. We really did need to talk. Especially now...


"Hello?" A lazy voice asked. 


"Hey, it's me." I say into the phone. 


A sigh, "What's up Sage?" 


"I want to go out with you. On a date." I say slowly. 


Luke didnt say anything for a long time. All I could hear was the soft music coming through the phone. It was older music. Something his grandma loved to listen to. His grandma was very odd for an old women. She has long white hair that went to her feet that she never put shoes on. She was always working in the garden outside or sipping tea in her favorite rocking chair staring down the kids that walked by her house, making sure none of them would prank it like the past few years. 


"Sage. That's sweet but this thing. You were right. This isn't going to work." 


"Samuel thought it would." I say shooting into the dark. I guessed that it was Sam's plan for us. He wanted us to be together. It makes sense. They way his letters wanted me to watch over Luke and be with Luke and all this other stuff. He wanted Luke and I together all along. 


"How do you know that?!" He asked in a tone I have never heard him use before. It sounded heartbroken or maybe even disappointed. 


"Sam. He told me through a letter." I almost lie. I wasn't sure if that's what he was doing or not. 


Luke cursed under his breath, "Listen Sage. You are going to have to learn how to trust me and not push me away. I wil pick you up in an hour. Be ready." Click. And the phone was off but the date was on...

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