Good-bye in One Year

Sage Jolie is a junior at her high school. She has a pretty normal life until one night when her and her boyfriend get into a car wreck. She comes out with a broke arm and a couple of stitches but he's not so lucky. As they do his blood work, they find out that he has cancer. There is nothing they can do for him and he ends up dying one month later. She feels like her whole life is over until she finds a box of letters under his bed addressed to her. He wrote her everything single day for a whole year. This letters send her on a trip pf a lifetime to help her find herself and live without him even though she isn't ready to say those last words... Good-bye


13. Forever Never Lasts

Its been two weeks since the kiss with Luke. He didn't ignore me like I thought he would but instead, he started to spend more time with me. I thought it would be weird but it wasn't. I felt really good when Luke was near me, it was the best feeling I ever felt. We would down the hallway together, our handing brushing, our eyes always stealing glances. It felt good but it felt wrong too. He was Sam's best friend, I was Sam's girlfriend. What would people think about this? I couldn't have people look at me in a different light. I don't know how I could deal with that. Then I stole a glance at Luke who was walking right next to me out of the school.

His head was held high as of he were saying to people 'yeah, you look but if you dare say anything about it, I will take you out'. A smile crossed my lips. He turned his head and looked at me. He grinned sending shivers up my spine.

"Take a picture, princess, it will last longer!" He laughed. He held the door open for me. I walked out feeling the hot Carolina sun on my face. This was the life.

Luke walked out and put his cop sunglasses on. He put his arm around me and for once, I didn't shove it off. I leaned my head on his shoulder, or close to his shoulder because like I have said, this boy is tall! There was one more month of school until summer vacation. Luke would be leaving for Florida to go spend the summer with Gwen. It was hard to believe that he was going to college next fall and leaving me in this school, alone. I still had Mackie but that was different. She was Luke.

"I'm going to go get the jeep!" He said cheery then put his lips on my cheek. I watched as he danced off to the back of the parking lot to get the jeep. I smiled.

"Hey, loser." An annoying voice said next to me. I turned my head to see Nat, one of Luke's ex's. Oooooh great.

"Hey Nat." I say sweetly.

I felt bad for her in a way because she liked Luke a lot, along with a bunch of other guys but Luke was her number one. After the kiss, Luke told all the girls that he was done with all of them. He said all he wanted to be with was me so he didn't need them anymore. It was a sweet gesture but Nat was taking it the hardest out of all the girls. She was o e of those girls who couldn't take no for an answer and if she wanted something, she had to have it even if it hurts other people.

Nat smacked her cherry colored lips, "I just thought you would like to know that I had a great time with Luke last night."

I eyed her. This was a trick. Luke and I didn't hang out last night because every Tuesday Luke took his grandma to bing-o then he would take her out to Steak'n'Shake. It was one of her favorite things she liked to do with him. Luke wouldn't lie to me.

"Funny. He was with his grandma last night, Nat." I said trying to keep my ground even though she was getting under my skin.

Nat laughed and held out her phone. It showed the texts from her and Luke last night. My eyes grew wide. "Wanna see pictures too? I document my dates well." She gave me another evil grin. My stomach sank.

I didn't see Luke's jeep pull up but the second I heard him say my names, the tears went down my face. He lied to me. He spent last night with Nat. Of all the girls, it was Nat. I looked at him. I couldn't hear anything. Everything seemed to be going on slow motion. I looked bak at Nat who was smiling. She walked up to him and kissed him. Right in front of me. I closed my eyes. I turned away. I ran back into the school, not caring what people thought. I just wanted to get away. I just wanted... I didn't even know what I wanted...
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