The Terrible Tragedy of the SS Pencil

This is about a school ship that sinks and the story is told by one of the passengers


2. Tragedy Starts

   Everyone started gathering on the deck where I was standing. Everyone was staring at the dripping hole in the deck that the smokestack left. The hole allowed everyone to see into the storage closet below deck. The Captain  came out and started talking into a bullhorn and said

   " Everyone back to class!" And everyone did go back to class. I was in 7th period of 11, and on the deck above the boiler room. Right in the middle of our ancient Rome lesson. Suddenly, people started screaming down in the boiler room. Suddenly, the small trapdoor leading to the boiler room opened and all of the boiler men crawled out, sopping wet. Joey peered into the door, and inside he saw gallons of flooding seawater. No one had time to do anything, because then the bell rang. Everyone went to 8th period.

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