The Terrible Tragedy of the SS Pencil

This is about a school ship that sinks and the story is told by one of the passengers


4. Tragedy Goes On

   So, there I was, sitting in Ms. Megan's English class. The intercom was on, but only static was coming out. I was one deck above the one I was previously on. The ship was starting to tip to one side, and we all realized this when Ms. Megan's prized ornamental glass solar system fell off her desk and shattered into a zillion pieces. Joey accidentally stepped on the glass and one of the shards went through his sandal and into his foot. Ms. Megan brought him to the nurse, and when she came back she tripped in the hallway and fell and slid down the hall. After examining her floor burns, she realized she was sitting in a gathering pool of seawater. Suddenly, Everyone from below deck stomped up the stairs and out onto the deck. The gathering water started to more rapidly pour out of the ventilation shaft, and everyone in the class came out of the room. The water was now up to everyone waists, and it was not stopping. Everyone ran up to top deck, but I saw that Ms. Megan had her finger stuck in the floor. She would drown if I didn't save her, so I Walked over and tried tugging on her hand. The water was up to our necks, and Ms. Megan's mouth was halfway underwater. I told her to bite down on the dress, and then I took my pocket knife and sawed off her fingers. I was covered in her blood, and Ms. Megan was bawling. We both swam to the stairs, but the were underwater. Ms. Megan swam under and went up the stairs, but I started cutting a hole in the floor of the deck above me and under the one under top deck. I tore off the calking after I sawed off the floor, and climbed in. I appeared in the gymnasium, and the water started pouring in from the hole. Everyone just stood there, and then someone threw a basketball at me, and it hit me in the gut. Then everyone ran out the door and up the stairs. I got up, then started walking over to not the stairs, but the nurses' office. I opened the door, and walked in. The nurse lay on the floor, a syringe stuck in her heart. I grabbed Joey, and ran out the door to the stairs. When we got to top deck, Joey stopped and grabbed a life preserver. Then we bumped into Martha Levon and asked what was going on. She said that the ship was sinking, and Joey fainted. I pulled him up, just in time for the seawater to start pouring onto the deck and everyone ran to the stern. Of course, some people jumped into the ocean. Martha was one of them. Joey and I ran to the tip of the stern, but along the way he slipped and fell, pulling me down with him. We tumbled off the deck, and into the surprisingly warm ocean. The Pencil kept sinking and sinking, just until the very tip of the stern went underwater. Everyone was pulled down in either the tubingor the suction of the ship. 

   2 out of 608.5 people had survived. 

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