The Terrible Tragedy of the SS Pencil

This is about a school ship that sinks and the story is told by one of the passengers


1. La La Dum

 It started out as a normal day on the SS (school ship) Pencil, a middle school ship carrying 400 students and 208.5 crew members. The lunch bell had just rang and everyone was walking out on deck, towards the cafeteria on the poop deck. My friend, Joey Patterson, was walking next to me. I, normal 6th grade Michael Lidgens, was humming to tune to "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" from Oklahoma. Eventually, I just started saying "la la dum" to the tune of the theme of the movie TITANIC. I shouldn't have done that, because that is probably what jinxed the day. Or when I was sitting in the lunchroom and said 

   "Iceberg right ahead!" when Sally Damon dropped the ice bowl as it was coming around. Anyway, something I did forced the World War II mine field we were passing over to let go of one of the mines, causing it to float up and hit our ship. I was leaving the lunchroom, as always before anyone else, and heading to my 6th period class, on c deck, 3rd room, door on the left, first desk in the 2nd row. As I was passing the smokestack, which was in between me and the door leading to C deck, a gigantic explosion of water washed onto the deck and the ship shook viciously. That was when the mine hit. The smokestack, the only one on the deck, started to fall over the side of the deck and into the ocean. For a second the guy wires attaching the smokestack to the lifeboat davits held up, but then the smokestack fell into the sea, pulling away all of the lifeboats with it. My heart pounded as I watched the smokestack and the lifeboats sink to the bottom of the sea.

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