This story is between yellow and red I have warned yah. This takes place during the fellowship, it is also based on the movies. Cyra is an elf she is also in love with legolas and he loves her but what will happen when her dad gets in the way?


1. Rivendell

I am Cyra, I hail from Rivendell. My sister is Arwen and my brothers are Elladen and Elohir. My father is Elrond. He loves me much but is very strict. I have never been outside of Rivendell, my father won't let me leave. I feel like a caged animal, which I am. On top of my elf abilities I also have other special skills I can turn into any creature I please although there is a catch I may not turn into a creature that is evil like a dragon or a warg.
I jumped at the sound of a knock on my door I looked into the mirror one last time making sure that my long black hair was braided perfectly and make sure that my angled face had no major flaws. I sprinted to the door and opened it to see my father.
" There is a council tomorrow and I would l
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