I can't handle this

Young girl Caitlin,17, finds herself with the One direction boys partying all the time becoming best friends after a concert, but will she fall for any of the boys? contains swearing, and sex , i have warned you.



Caitlins P.O.V:

'let me know when to pick you girls up ok!?, Simone's mom shouted out to us as we got out of the car, aw shes so nice! Anyways we were going to see 1D!! AAH!!! Me&Simone got tickets in the last minute!So,we ran up to the arena screaming like mad!there were thousands of people here! 'WOAH!' we both were stunned at how big this place was! It had been about 10 minutes,when Simone ran off into some random room that was well hidden! 'SIMONE WHERE ARE WE GOING THE STAGE IS THE OTHER WAY!!??' i hissed. 'Thats what you think hahaaa!' she replied. Woah she was true! this was a secret way to get to the front row!OMG1 i cant handle this! were gunna be front row!! thats what we thought! there were loads of girls there first:( but we pussed and shoved our way to the front and we did! now they just had to let us into the arena. We both were thiking the same thing, WE HAD TO GET INTO THE FRONT ROW! I looked at her, looked behind us at all the people there, looked at Si again and whispered,'we have to do this okay!? we have to run!!!!' after about another10-20 minutes of waiting the guards finally opened the gates, as they did i said,'1.2.31 RUN!' i grabbed her hand and ran, as fast as i could! i didnt care i wanted it so badly!

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