When Is It My Turn

Rielynn and Niall have been best friends since they were born. Rielynn has always been madly in love with him since they were about 14. One day she was going to tell him but he had a girlfriend. Will she ever get to tell him how she feels or will it always be a secret. Does Niall catch on or get feelings for Rielynn to?


1. The news



          Rielynn pov:




      "Rie, Kara, Meg come here for a moment will ya?" my mom called from downstairs. We could all tell by the way she had that excitement in her voice that what she was about to tell us all is very important. " Okay ya mom what is it?" Meghan asked her. " Well Kara I already talked to your mom about this but now don't freak out but, you guys and Niall will be going to the Bahama's with each other while us adults are going to Paris." My mom told us all at once. "ahhhhh!" we all screamed at the same time. "When do we leave, and how long are we staying?" Kara asked. "tomorrow morning at like 6:00 am, and for either 3 weeks or a month since the boys arn't going on tour for like 6  months." she told us. We all just ran like crazy to go pack all of our stuff. Since the Bahama's are really warm i packed shorts, t-shirts, under garments, swim suits, and my necessities. I know for sure that that is pretty  much what all the other girls packed also.     



        Niall pov: "Are you being serious right now mum?" I asked after she finished telling me to greatest news ever!!! I ran upstairs to pack and to call the boys since they would be coming with us. I packed my shorts, jeans, t-shirts, under garments, and anything else there is that is needed. I soon called the boys to tell them all the details. The good thing to is that my girlfriend Keirra gets to come along with us. Man this is going to be the best trip of a life time.

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