The Slayers

The village of Hollowbridge has always been your average sleepy village with nothing interesting happening. No big news stories, not a lot to do. At least that's what Seth Campbell saw. Sick to death of his monotonous routine, he prays for something big to happen, something so unexpected that his life will be changed forever.
Thanks to The Slayers, they're the ones keeping Hollowbridge a dull, stale village. When The Slayers start to disappear, Seth's life is changed dramatically and he finds himself yearning for the tiresome village. The village becomes a death trap and Seth is thrown into the action without questions, with no turning back.


4. Chapter 4

Seth adjusted his eyes to the silvery metal that made the walls and ceilings, the reflection of the spotlight lamps in the ceilings bouncing from wall to wall. The floor was smooth grey marble, and Seth was thankful that he hadn’t fallen on the marble instead of the dirt path under the ladder.

   Metallic desks were set in U-shapes against the walls to the left and right, state-of-the-art computers placed on each one. A person was sat at each computer, tapping away rapidly and speaking through headsets.

   “Just blow his head off”, a man said exasperatedly to someone through his headset, rubbing his temples with one hand as he leaned on the desk.

   Lola led Seth through the middle of the desks; some glanced up with a confused look on their face before being distracted by the other person on the end of their headset. At the back of the room the wall was made up of glass cases, containing different weapons. There were smaller guns like the one Seth saw Lola use, but there were also tremendous guns with a variety of triggers and buttons, so heavy that they had straps attached to them which allowed them to be supported round your neck.

   “What are they?”, Seth asked, pointing to a case of what looked like metal marbles.

   “They’re grenades, but you’ll be taught how to use them later”, Lola answered. Seth thought they looked nothing like grenades, they were far too small and their impact wouldn’t even blow down a sapling.

    Lola opened a glass case to the far end, pulling out a small gun similar to hers. “You’ll be training with this first, if you just follow me...”. Seth began to follow her towards another door, but their path was blocked by a tall man wearing a black suit. The suit clung to his muscles in a complimenting way, and he had perfectly styled blonde hair. He had fair stubble which was trimmed to equal perfection, and Seth fought the need to roll his eyes at the man’s faultless appearance. Seth imagined that the man drove girls crazy nevertheless, including Lola, but she remained just as cold and serious as ever.

   “Seth this is the boss, Mr Harper. Mr Harper, this is the new boy Seth”, Lola said.

   “Nice to meet you”, Mr Harper smiled, revealing pearly white teeth, his harsh blue eyes piercing into Seth’s own. “Let’s just hope you’re good enough for the team now we’ve lost some of our best recruits, shall we?”. Seth didn’t know quite what he meant by that, whether he was being humorous or serious. Then without saying anything else, Mr Harper stalked off.

   “This way”, Lola sighed, carrying on towards the way they were originally going.

   “He’s slightly creepy”, Seth pointed out as Lola entered the code into another metal door. “And what did he mean by losing recruits?”. The door opened to another underground dirt path which Seth followed Lola into.

   “He’s always been like that. Anyway, recently members of The Slayers, that’s us, have been disappearing. Perfectly capable members have just gone, and we don’t know whether they’ve been killed or not. That’s why there have been more zombies reaching the village recently; there isn’t enough trained people here to keep the zombies down. That’s another reason why you need to work here”, Lola added.

   “What if I don’t want to work here?”.

   “You have no choice, if you want to keep the people of your village alive”. Seth didn’t know what to say back to her, but he didn’t want to work there either. Why did it have to be him? It could have been anyone who had happened to walk down that alleyway. The job was clearly dangerous and Seth wasn’t ready for a responsibility of saving his village.

   The pathway opened out into a vast domed arena, which was made of silver metal to match the rest of Headquarters with the same marbled floor. There were bodies scattered across the arena made of potato bags stuffed with straw which was bursting through the seams, hoisted upright on metal poles. A tanned girl with wild black curls to the centre of the arena aimed her gun at one of these bodies, which Seth guessed was meant to be a zombie. When she was satisfied with her aim, Seth watched her finger pull the trigger. Like with Lola’s gun, the bullet shot effortlessly with no noise out of the gun barrel. It pierced the bag of straw which was meant to be the head of the zombie, and straw was sent flying in all directions, the bag left in tatters on the floor.

   “Now that’s how you kill a zombie. Blow out its brains and it’s gone for good”, Lola said impressively, nodding towards the girl. “Now it’s your turn”. Lola handed Seth the gun, and he stared down at it for a long time. It felt wrong being passed a gun so casually, let alone having it in his own hands, about to actually use it.

   He looked up again, searching for a straw zombie which hadn’t been destroyed. To his surprise, every single one was in shape, even though he’d just witnessed one being destroyed right in front of him. Seth watched closely again as the curly haired girl blew off another straw zombie’s head with her first try. After about ten seconds, it disappeared into a space in the floor beneath it, and a new one was raised up into place, good as new. Weird, Seth thought.

   Seth settled on the closest straw zombie to him, standing eight steps back. Raising his gun, he attempted to aim at its head, but his hand wasn’t completely steady. The bullet shot into the chest of the body, straw leaking out of the gaping hole.

    “That won’t kill a zombie”, Lola told him. “If this was real, you’d have just wasted one bullet”. Seth grunted in response, not wanting to argue back to her irritating comments. Pointing the gun again, Seth aligned the gun with its head. Lola coughed loudly, making Seth jump and pull the trigger, and the bullet rocketed into the straw zombie’s stomach.

   “Sorry, sorry, just having a bit of fun”, Lola grinned apologetically. Seth reacted the opposite, scowling at her. “Next time it might just aim for your foot”, he hissed.

   He concentrated as hard as he could, aiming the gun at the head, praying for the bullet to hit its target. Seth finally fired the bullet and it precisely shot into the head, the straw exploding like a fountain, scraps of material floating towards the floor.

   “Good, that was good. Now you just have to learn to do it a little quicker. Zombies can be fast so you don’t have the opportunity to waste time aiming perfectly, especially if there is more than one of them”, Lola said critically. The straw body was replaced with a new one just like the other, and this time Seth was able to aim and shoot with a quick pace. He did it again and again, getting faster with each bullet.

   Seth tried standing further back; it was difficult but he managed to do it. He looked over to Lola grinning with pride, and she nodded at him. Seth could see she was secretly pleased in her eyes and a small smile twitched at her lips.

   “I better get you back home, I’ve got to get ready to be on duty soon”, Lola announced.

   “I can walk home myself, it’s fine”, Seth assured her.

   “Okay then. You can start working officially tomorrow but take the gun with you, just in case. That alleyway seems to attract zombies”. Seth slipped the gun into his pocket, feeling like a criminal, and exited the arena with a wave of his hand at Lola.

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