The Slayers

The village of Hollowbridge has always been your average sleepy village with nothing interesting happening. No big news stories, not a lot to do. At least that's what Seth Campbell saw. Sick to death of his monotonous routine, he prays for something big to happen, something so unexpected that his life will be changed forever.
Thanks to The Slayers, they're the ones keeping Hollowbridge a dull, stale village. When The Slayers start to disappear, Seth's life is changed dramatically and he finds himself yearning for the tiresome village. The village becomes a death trap and Seth is thrown into the action without questions, with no turning back.


3. Chapter 3

Seth’s stomach gurgled and he turned round to vomit onto the pavement.

   “Great”, the girl muttered. “I have to get the one who throws up”. Seth groaned and turned back to her, feeling pathetic. “Now get back in your house and keep your mouth shut about this. If you mutter a word to anyone I swear to God-“ the girl stopped her angry ranting and sighed a heavy sigh, tapping her foot impatiently. Seth could not open his mouth to retaliate, scared he was going to be sick again. He nodded silently and staggered back towards his house, not looking back.

   Seth leaned against his front door, drawing in gulps of air heavily. He let himself in, closing the door behind him. He slid down the door till he was sitting on the floor, hanging his head inbetween his legs and covering his face with his hands.

   It was like everything bad in the world was revealed, just from seeing the limp zombie body. The image was static in his mind. Did this mean everything else was real? Visions of vampires and werewolves flashed through his brain and he shook his head, laughing in disbelief quietly.

   He silently went to his room, taking off his clothes and climbing into bed in his boxers. He shut his eyes but the image of the body was potent, and he was engulfed into a sleep of nightmares.





    Pale hands gripped his shoulders, shaking him with a moan. Seth’s gaze went from the hands up the arms, patterned with crusty wounds, moving up to the shoulders, the neck...

   Then his eyes snapped open, and his mother’s face was frowning down at him, creases forming on her forehead.

   “Hey wake up”, she repeated, looking worried. “Are you okay?”.

   “I’m fine, you just startled me is all”, Seth replied, still dazed by his nightmares.

   “There’s someone at the door for you”, she grinned suddenly, a look of amusement and mischief glinting in her eyes. Seth threw his duvet off him and walked out of the room, thundering down the stairs. Probably Simon with more news on the zombie game. The thought of zombies made Seth shudder; Simon had only seen them on a TV, not with his own eyes in the flesh.

   Seth hurled open the front door, ready to tell Simon off for waking him up so early, when he saw her standing there.

   “Haven’t you ever heard of pyjamas?”, she snorted, tossing her chestnut hair over her shoulders, which was let down sleek and shiny. The girl Seth had bumped into again last night.

   Seth was suddenly aware he was standing half naked in front of a girl he’d only just met and heat began to creep into his cheeks. He closed the door slightly, so that his body was hidden, and only his shoulders and head were visible. He shook the embarrassment away and glared at her.

   “Haven’t you ever heard of too early?”, Seth retorted, beginning to shut the door on her. She whipped her hand forwards and caught the door.

   “Hilarious. Now I’m going to need you to come with me”.

   “Yeah, like that’s going to happen”.

   “Excuse me, who saved you from a zombie last night?”, the girl said, raising one eyebrow.

   “I don’t even know your name”.

   “Lola. Happy?”.

   Seth sighed in defeat, telling her that he needed to get changed. He let her into the house and told her to go sit in the living room, waving a hand to the door on the left.

   He bumped into his mother on the upstairs landing, where she was looking very excited.

   “I barely know her. You go talk to her or something. I don’t like like her or anything”, Seth told her bluntly, leaving his mother to get changed.

   When he had changed into a simple t shirt and skinny jeans with his pair of Converse shoes and a hoody tucked under his arm, he went back downstairs to find his mother chatting away to Lola. Lola was talking as equally as enthusiastically back, laughing away and smiling. When Seth entered the living room, Lola smiled a fake, sickeningly sweet smile just to annoy him. It worked.

   “Me and Lola have to go now”, Seth said through gritted teeth, pulling Lola up from her chair and dragging her towards the door.

   “It was nice to meet you, see you soon!”, Seth’s mother called before Seth slammed the front door shut.

   “Now what do you want?”, Seth asked immediately, glaring at Lola.

   “You’re coming with me, and you will have to work with me now that you know about the zombies”, Lola said matter of factly, linking arms with Seth and hauling him away from his home. He was surprised at how strong she was as he struggled to unlock his arm from her firm grip. “This very rarely happens so you’re special!”. Seth closed his eyes and exhaled air slowly from his nostrils, resisting the urge to scream in her face.

    “What kind of work?”, Seth spat, but Lola continued to walk on and he had no choice but to follow her, seeing as he was stuck in her arm like a vice.

   They walked through the streets of Hollowbridge, passing cottage after cottage until Seth was sure they were going to be walking right out of the village. He glanced at Lola to see if there was any sign that they were stopping, but her face was calm and collected.

   Seth spotted an ancient sign up ahead which noted that they were leaving Hollowbridge (“Be sure to visit again soon!”) So we are leaving the village, Seth thought. Then he was yanked to the side with a yelp, and he felt Lola’s hand grip his arm tighter.

   They were off the pavement now, hidden behind a stone wall to the side of the pavement which had ivy climbing up it, moss growing in between the grey bricks. Seth watched as Lola crouched down by a withering bush, parting the dying leaves aside to reveal a wooden trapdoor, darkened with age. Lola looked up at him to see his reaction, but Seth raised his eyebrows.

   “Just follow me down there will you?”.

   Lola seized the rusty metal handle on the trapdoor and opened it. Seth leaned forward to peer down it; he could see a ladder running down the side but it was too dark to see how far it went down.

   Lola swiftly swung herself down and slid down the ladder rapidly, like some sort of spy, and Seth watched her disappear into the darkness. He descended the ladder less gracefully, closing the trapdoor behind him. He tried to twist his body round to see how far it was but it was no use.

   Seth continued to climb cautiously downwards, until he saw light. He sighed in relief and clambered down faster, which made him lose his grip on the ladder. The breath was knocked out of him as his back hit the floor, winding him. He’d landed next to Lola’s feet, and she was looking down at him, rolling her eyes.

   “You’ll need more training than I thought”, Lola muttered. Seth ignored her comment and got back on his feet, brushing the dirt off his back. He followed Lola, walking on a narrow underground path lit by torches, and he began to feel claustrophobic. The walls were all just dirt, and Seth was scarily reminded of being buried alive somehow. He was grateful when they reached a slick metal door at the end.

    Lola tapped on a small touch screen built into the door and entered a code. As she entered the code, she shielded the touch screen so that Seth couldn’t see and Seth felt offended that she didn’t trust him; hadn’t he been the one who had trusted her to drag him off down a trapdoor?

    The door unlocked with a click and swung open automatically.

    “Welcome to Headquarters”.

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