The Slayers

The village of Hollowbridge has always been your average sleepy village with nothing interesting happening. No big news stories, not a lot to do. At least that's what Seth Campbell saw. Sick to death of his monotonous routine, he prays for something big to happen, something so unexpected that his life will be changed forever.
Thanks to The Slayers, they're the ones keeping Hollowbridge a dull, stale village. When The Slayers start to disappear, Seth's life is changed dramatically and he finds himself yearning for the tiresome village. The village becomes a death trap and Seth is thrown into the action without questions, with no turning back.


2. Chapter 2

The smell of bacon sizzling in the pan drifted into Seth’s room, filling his nostrils and making him sit upright in bed. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and jerked back as his toes touched the laminate wooden floor, which had turned bitterly cold overnight. Seth ran as quickly as he could out of his room and down the stairs, leaping onto a dining room chair in the kitchen. He scraped his chair across the stone floor closer to the oak dining table. Seth looked hungrily towards the pan of frying bacon his mother was cooking, and shoved his plate outwards eagerly as she brought the pan over.

   “Morning, or should I say afternoon?”, his mother smiled, but Seth didn’t answer, too busy shovelling bacon rashers into his mouth. She shook her head but still smiled lovingly down at her son.

   “What are you up to this weekend then?”, Seth’s mother asked after Seth had finished his breakfast.

   “Oh you know, I thought I’d go to the cinema this evening, there are lots of good films on tonight. Then tomorrow I thought I’d go have a look round the shopping centre”, Seth said enthusiastically. He then scratched his head as if in deep thought, then pulled a face as if he’d just remembered something. “Oh wait, no, I can’t do any of those things because there’s absolutely nothing here to do”.

   “No need to be so sarcastic”, his mother muttered, flicking him with a tea towel.

   “Seriously though, I’ll probably just go to the park at some point to see my friends”, Seth sighed. He never knew why his mother asked what he was doing on the weekend; it was always the same. She ruffled his already messy hair and strolled off into the living room, singing to herself.

   Seth hauled himself up and went to his bedroom. He collapsed on his bed for a couple of minutes, wondering what to do, then rolled over to pick up his phone from the bedside table. He had a text from one of his friends, urging him to come to the park as soon as possible.

   Seth dragged himself to his dresser, where he pulled out a clean looking t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and underwear. He dressed quickly, shoving his phone in his pocket before leaving his bedroom to clean his teeth in the bathroom. Seth attempted to brush his hair in the mirror, but his brushed hair was no different from his bed hair in terms of tidiness. He’d thought of having it cut, but the nearest hair dresser’s wasn’t for miles, and he didn’t think it was worth the hassle. It wasn’t like he had any one to impress anyway.

    His mother was standing at the bottom of the stairs as Seth rushed down them. She handed him one of his hoodies, a red one which Seth knew was the warmest one he owned.

   “It’s cold out there”, she said, as Seth tied his shoelaces on his trainers. Seth grinned and bent down to give his mother a kiss on the cheek. He said goodbye and walked out the door whilst putting his hoody on. As a blast of wind nearly knocked Seth of his feet, he was grateful his mother cared so much about him. The wind was harsh and he had to keep his head down to stop his eyes from watering.

   The streets were deserted, bar the occasional dog walker or two. Being in a small village, everyone knew everyone, and Seth was greeted with a friendly hello by every dog walker he saw. Even though he didn’t particularly like dogs, he kneeled down politely to let the dogs sniff his hand inquisitively.

   He passed the familiar post office at the end of the street to cross the road, where the park was positioned. The park was a rather large green square, with the stone bridge placed in the middle. Wilting red tulips were scattered in pathetic bunches, looking like they needed a good dose of sunshine and showers. The road which Seth crossed was to one side of the park, the other sides surrounded by sinister looking trees. The rushing river came from the towering trees on one side, under the bridge and off into the trees on the other side.

   Seth spotted his friends leaning on the bridge, talking and nodding, looking out across the river. Seth had always known his town was named after this particular bridge, but he wasn’t sure where the hollow part came from.

   In truth, Seth’s only friends were the friends he was with on that day, two boys and one girl. Seth strolled up behind them and greeted them casually, and the three of them turned. Simon was tall and skinny, with tight blonde curls and glasses which he had to keep pushing up his nose every five minutes. Andrew had straggly black hair nearly past his shoulders, which he sometimes wore in a ponytail. He was tall too but slightly beefier than Simon, with a deep voice. The pair were similar; very clever and addicted to their games consoles. Seth liked his games very much, but he wasn’t as devoted as Simon and Andrew.

   The girl was called Jasmine, and she was Andrew’s girlfriend. Seth didn’t think Jasmine was a very appropriate name for a girl like her. He expected a girl with the name Jasmine to be girly and giggly, who wore floral dresses. This Jasmine was nowhere near the sort. Her hair was dyed black, very volumised at the top of her head but then perfectly straight down to her stomach, as if gravity couldn’t quite decide what to do with her hair. She had a big fringe covering one eye and the other eye was a glassy blue, wide and dreamy. Seth had always found her a bit creepy with her obsession with the supernatural and her dark, strange clothes, but he knew Andrew liked her a lot, so he kept his mouth shut.

   The boys grinned and started chatting enthusiastically while Jasmine smiled dreamily at him, holding on to Andrew’s hand.

   “Hey, have you heard about the new game coming out?”, Andrew said excitedly. “The one where you have to fight all those zombies in a zombie apocalypse?”.

   “Only last week!”, Simon scoffed. “The graphics are meant to be ten times better than any other game, zombie blood and guts spurting all over the screen and stuff!”.

   “I like zombie games”, Jasmine said, staring into space. She suddenly turned to Andrew, her one eye staring. “Can we play?”.

   “Of course we can”, he smiled affectionately, kissing the top of her head.

   “I really need to get a girlfriend”, Simon huffed.

   “Maybe if you didn’t keep going over the top and scaring them off you would have one”, Seth told him.

   “Hey, what about her?! Wow!”, Simon gawped, pointing off in the direction of the street. Seth followed his gaze to see a girl about the same age as them, striding up the street towards the park with her long legs. Seth noticed she had chestnut brown hair tied back into a swinging ponytail, and a matching leather jacket and boots. She was very pretty, but Seth wasn’t as much of an idiot as Simon, who thought he was a modern day Romeo.

   “Hey you, stunning girl!”, Simon shouted out to her. She turned her head sharply to look at him and she gave him a hard glare. “Want to come to the party? The party in my pants?!”. Simon winked at her, though Seth wasn’t sure if the girl could see, but she could definitely hear. She gave him a murderous stare and gave him the finger, flinging her hair back, her chin held high, and strode off down another street.

   “Wow, what a woman!” Simon blinked, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Her ferocious attitude just makes me want her more!”. He went to run after her but Seth gripped the back of his t-shirt.

   “Something tells me she doesn’t feel the same way. I’ve never seen her before though”, Seth wondered, and Simon shook himself free, staring at the spot where the girl had just been in. It wasn’t very often there was any one new in the village and Seth thought that she probably wouldn’t be here for long due to Simon’s behaviour.

   “Simon, you’re such an idiot”, Andrew sighed. “Maybe if you just tried to be a tad more romantic then you would have a girlfriend”. He pulled Jasmine closer and she snuggled into his body. They didn’t seem to notice that it was freezing cold as they kissed and giggled, their hands entwined, unlike Seth whose teeth were chattering.

   In the end, he had to admit defeat and told the others he had to go home otherwise he would freeze to death. Seth waved goodbye to the three of them and left the park.


    When Seth walked through his front door, a wave of heat hit him and he sighed happily. He sauntered into the living room and flung himself onto the sofa next to his mother.

   “How are your friends?”, Seth’s mother asked.

   “The usual. Andrew and Jasmine are as loved up as ever, and Simon is as girl crazy as ever. He started shouting at this girl walking down the street today!”.

   “Oh dear, what is he like?”.

   “He’s never had a girlfriend before so I think he’s getting kind of desperate. The only girl action he has is from game characters”.  Seth’s mother snorted at that, but hit him playfully on the arm, telling him not to be so mean.

   His mother ordered a pizza and they spent the evening munching through it and watching the television. They took it in turns to watch programmes they wanted to watch, Seth’s mother always choosing a talent show or a chat show which Seth couldn’t stand, but he never told his mother this. He wanted to keep her happy. Seth chose animal documentaries; only his mother knew of his love for them. He thought his friends would think him strange. Even though they were quite strange themselves, he didn’t think they’d appreciate it. They weren’t that close after all, not really best friends. At least, Seth imagined a best friend as someone different.

   Seth had zoned out while a celebrity he did not know nattered away on the television, explaining about the new film she was in. The advert break came on, and Seth realised the advert they were watching was for the new zombie game. He had to admit, it did look brilliant, slaying zombies by blasting their heads off and being chased by a wave of them.

   “The zombies are coming to get you”, Seth’s mother whispered, in what she thought was a scary voice but it just made Seth shake his head and smile. She launched onto him and started tickling his ribs and Seth couldn’t help but roar with laughter, begging for her to stop.

   “Please stop, otherwise I’ll end up kicking you”, Seth breathed out through the laughter and his mother stopped, grinning cheekily. “I’m going up to my bedroom”. He kissed her cheek to say goodnight, and back in his room, he stripped down to his boxers to get ready for bed. Seth sat on his bed and pulled his laptop onto his lap. His social media sites were filled with people from his school moaning about this and that or posting pictures of themselves. He winced and closed the laptop, deciding to play on his games console against Simon and Andrew.

   Of course when he logged in, they were already there online, and soon enough they were battling against each other. He heard his mother enter her bedroom and switch the light off, so he checked the time. It was just past eleven o’clock but he wasn’t anywhere near tired. He switched off his light and closed the curtains anyway.

   After a couple of hours of Simon and Andrew slaughtering Seth, he began to get bored, endlessly watching his character die. Seth heard something and he stopped playing the game, listening closely. It was the clip clop of high heels, wandering right past his window. He peered out his window but the street was so dim that he couldn’t see anything. He quickly got changed into the clothes he wore earlier and tip toed down the stairs, unlocking the door as silently as he could and shutting it behind him.

   There was a narrow alleyway right past his window and when Seth approached it, the streetlight flickered back on. Although the light given from it was very poor, he could see her. The girl from earlier was facing him. Her eyes widened for a second and then they returned hard.

   “What the hell are you doing out here, are you stalking me or something?!”, the girl hissed angrily.

   “No, I just heard your heels from my bedroom”, Seth replied honestly. “Maybe the better question is what are you doing here, it’s way past midnight and freezing”.

   “That’s none of your business!”, she whispered outraged. Seth saw a figure from behind and he whispered back a warning, pointing. Without even stopping for a moment to realise what was happening, the girl whipped a gun from her leather jacket, spun round on her heel and pulled the trigger. Seth didn’t hear a sound of a gun, only the sound of the bullet piercing into skin with a sickening noise, then a spray of chunks and a liquid.

   The girl brought out a torch and shone it down on the body. Seth nearly keeled over, feeling as if he was about to be sick any moment. The chunks were flesh, and the liquid was blood. But it wasn’t from a human.

   He took in the body. The head was no longer there, just a bloody stump of neck. Its limbs were limp. Its skin was sweaty and pale, open wounds rotting and smelling. Seth swore he could see green mould growing around the edges of the wounds. He kept his mouth shut to stop himself from hurling all over the pavement, adding to the mess. The body was wearing ripped clothes, just like from the advert for the game.

   No, it wasn’t a human.

   This could only be a zombie.

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