The Slayers

The village of Hollowbridge has always been your average sleepy village with nothing interesting happening. No big news stories, not a lot to do. At least that's what Seth Campbell saw. Sick to death of his monotonous routine, he prays for something big to happen, something so unexpected that his life will be changed forever.
Thanks to The Slayers, they're the ones keeping Hollowbridge a dull, stale village. When The Slayers start to disappear, Seth's life is changed dramatically and he finds himself yearning for the tiresome village. The village becomes a death trap and Seth is thrown into the action without questions, with no turning back.


1. Chapter 1

A young woman strode quickly along the pavement, the heels on her leather boots echoing across the otherwise silent street. Her high brown ponytail bounced up and down as she moved swiftly, her alert eyes darting from the paths on either side of the street. No light shone from the windows of the dainty cottages to both her right and left, the people asleep and unaware.

   The girl was wearing tight jeans which complimented her long legs, and a black leather jacket to match her knee length boots. It was a chilly night but the girl wasn’t affected by this, continuing to stride down the street. She was in a hurry to get it over with that night.

   She stopped abruptly, skidding to a halt and cocking her head to one side. Her eyes narrowed and she turned to look down a thin alleyway, nestled between two cottages. There was only one street light there, again barely illuminating the path with its pitiful ray of light.

   She didn’t need the light to know what was down there anyway; she knew fully well what it was. The stench gave it away.

   The girl wrinkled her nose in disgust but she didn’t back away. A figure stepped into the dim light. Its eyes were a lifeless grey, staring back at her. Dark hair clung greasily to its forehead, and it was wearing a t shirt and jeans with gaping holes and rips in them. Its skin was pale and sickly, dotted with scars and open wounds, rotting and mouldy. It took one step towards the girl and let out a low groan from beneath its colourless lips. In seconds the girl had produced a strange looking gun from her jacket pocket, aimed it at the creature’s head and blew its head to smithereens. The gun did not make a sound like a normal gun; the bullet shot out as she curled her finger around round the trigger, but it made little more than a whisper.

    Blood and chunks of flesh now splattered the pavement, the creature’s headless body slumped on the floor.

   “Look what you’ve done, making all this mess”, the girl muttered, looking down at the body. “Now I have to clean it up. Zombies. So inconsiderate”.





   At that moment, Seth Campbell was laying on his bed, a laptop sitting on his outstretched legs. The laptop light shone on his face. His eyes dropped and he yawned every other minute but he just couldn’t get to sleep. He scrolled through page after page on his laptop, hoping it would bore him enough to fall asleep, but it didn’t work. Seth checked the time in the corner of the screen. It was two in the morning. He often was on his laptop till ridiculous hours in the morning, as it was the only thing he had to do.

   After a while, he sighed and shut the laptop, placing it down on the floor next to his bed. He raked a hand through his messy brown hair and rubbed his eyes. Seth pulled the duvet up to his chin and wrapped it closer to his body. The heating wasn’t working again, and on a bitter night like the one he was experiencing, it made it even worse.

   Not a lot worked in his house, or at least it was incredibly slow. The Internet connection on his laptop was so slow it was painful, and sometimes the TV signal would mess up completely, leaving Seth with a static screen to look at. The only thing that worked normally was his games console, but that became boring. The reason for this was because when he played online against his friends, he could not win. They had nothing better to do so were on their consoles constantly, wasting their lives away killing him online.

   The village of Hollowbridge was no different from Seth’s own house. There was no public pool or a cinema, no skateboard park or decent shops. There was a small supermarket shop to get daily necessities and a post office; not much use to an eighteen year old like Seth. There was also a park in which the river flowed through with a stone bridge arching over it, and a church towards the edge of the village with a graveyard. The park was where most of the people Seth’s age gathered. It wasn’t very exciting but the only place to go.

   As Seth was still in school in his final year, he had quite a bit of homework and coursework to do, but he usually finished it within the first night it was assigned to him, simply because it was something to do. Seth’s school was small, and only a dozen or so students Seth’s age had actually stayed on in school. A lot of students left when they were sixteen. Probably to get away from this dump, Seth thought grumpily.

   Needless to say, Seth was sick of his village. He had lived there his whole life and not once had something interesting happened. The only thing mildly interesting was when the old lady, who lived opposite Seth, had her cat stuck in a tree, and it took three hours for a fireman to lure it down with cat food.

   Living in a small town, there were a lot of rumours, none of which Seth believed in the slightest. Rumours like Rose Shaw had once won a million pounds in the lottery but kept it to herself, and if you went in her house you would see a flat screen TV the length of the whole wall. That was complete rubbish, as she was best friends with Seth’s mum, so Seth had already been in her house when he was dragged along by his mother. Another rumour was of some affair between the lady who ran the post office and the man behind the till in the supermarket. Seth had never seen them utter a word to each other, and he’d seen the pair of them with their families looking very happy and content. Seth supposed the rumours were the only way to make the village interesting.

   Seth was still lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. He hoped that something amazing would happen, so that the village of Hollowbridge would transform into a bustling village with plenty to do. Maybe a celebrity would miraculously visit and pay for the whole village to be refurbished with a shopping centre and a gym. Maybe his mother would win the lottery and his cottage could become a modern, slick home.

   Don’t be stupid, Seth told himself. That would never happen.

   Seth grunted and hugged his knees up to his chest. He blinked sleepily a couple of times and then his eyes fluttered close, finally falling into a deep sleep.

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