Never Tell A Soul

jailey is 15.she is bullyed at school.she lives at home alone. she was left when she was hasnt been easy for jailey.hebestie megan is nextdoor and always wacin out.But j. has a secret a deep secret.will her freinds find out will they leave wll the bullys continue and find out who are her 5 buyllys

there initials


3. please lili

liam p.o.v.

im sure my hoe of a twin told u "the secret" and i left because they were parents were abusive. i dont talk to my twin because i just cant bear to know those feeling that i have bottled up. the feelins iv had bottled up.

bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz

my phone went off.

its simon he said to all the boys "we have a new singer u will go on tour with her. u will be nise u will listen. she has no living or knowing relitives and she can sing. so her name is j.j. palima."

oh my ffffff uh j. i cant belive he sined her to syco. atleast she said her name was palima not payne.

bzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzz

my phobne goes off agin

"************ is her number  txt or call her emeidetly."

uhhh simon i hate u right now

j. p.o.v.

i just got sighnerd to syco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bzzzz bzzz lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallaaaaaa bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz

my phone goes  five txt

hi, im louis tomlinson 1/5 of 1d simon said to txt u because ur touring with us can we have ur full name? the txt read

i replyed" yes, louis we are u know me we school togather my name is jalie palima."

almost emidetly a txt replyed "

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