Never Tell A Soul

jailey is 15.she is bullyed at school.she lives at home alone. she was left when she was hasnt been easy for jailey.hebestie megan is nextdoor and always wacin out.But j. has a secret a deep secret.will her freinds find out will they leave wll the bullys continue and find out who are her 5 buyllys

there initials


2. meet my bullys!

j. p.o.v.

well im j. and i have horrid bullys. only 5. niall horan, liam payne, harry styles, louis tomlinson, yes 1D omg. i hate there guts. they always get there way, my mum and dad left me to fend for myself when i was 10 and so i take care of myself. im 17 and have 1 bestie carrey. i 1 dated harry, i broke up with him 2 years ago. he cheated on me. he broke my heart. thoese bitchy man-hoers. he laughed at me then didnt come to school for 2 weeks. all his freinds blame me for changeing him and blah-blah-blah. God i have to  go its time for school and the bitches gonna get me.

j. wrote in her diary.

well i have a secret a  secret not even my diary knows. well here goes : when i was 13 liam was hospitalised and i liked him then we were freinds b4 the rest of them moved here. he lost alot of blood me being the sweet hearted fool i am i donated blood to him.we well found up tghat we are siblings and that liam left as soon as he was 5 to go live with our aunt. i was seperated with all my family. but even though thats a secret theres a bigger one. my - my- mother died because my father murdered her 1 month after threy left me. he killed her to cover his tracks of ever having a chilld or twins liam ,and jalie. i miss my mum alot my dad to. liam dosnt care of family,siblings or love. thats why i dislike them all.

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