Tommlinson, you will be the death of me.

Summer sassy,confident,and im great at making smart ass remarks.I live in London and Everyone is talking about one direction. You know.. the world famous, full of themselves, popstars.Theres a twist in this story i'm gonna tell you about me though, its that I hate One direction. They think they can go wherever they want and the female population will worship them.Therefore i hate them. Are we clear? Then with my luck, i run into Louis Tommlinson from non other than One direction. What does that ass do, you ask? well im gonna tell you. He flirts with me. And that sure as hell aint gonna happen. He says to give him 3 weeks to make me his. of course being the overconfident self that i am, I agree. I have to live with him for 3 weeks, and his goal is to try and make me his, if that doesnt happen... well i can just think of the things ill make him do for me. Bare this in mind Louis Tommlinson I sure as hell aint yours. SO let the bet begain.


1. Chapter 1

Beep...Beep....Beep "Ugh stupid alaram clock" I groan as I turn the alarm off. First of all if Saturday for god's sake why the Hell is my alarm even going off at 8am?Whatever, i probably wont be able to go back to sleep anyway. I get up and go brush my teeth, and take a shower. Since it's nice out today i decide on some holliester shorts and a cute floral pink top.I decide to go to the park for the day, because i dont really  have anything eles to do. I've always loved the park. The children playing, the teens hanging, and the old couples enjoig thier grandchildren. The park is where i feel at peace, it's always so calm there, and i love looking at all of the birds. I pull out my earbuds and put some music on, but im carefull not to make it too loud because i still want to hear the birds. I'm sitting on a bench and i cant help but notice as too guys in hoodies and sunglasses come sit on the bench next to me. When i hear them talking i could recoonise those voices anywhere. They belonged to The one and only Louis Tommlinson and Harry Styles. I know i siad in the bio hat i hate One direction, But i guess you get pretty familer with thier voices and faces when at school, the only thing you hear people talking about is One direction.I also couldnt help but overhearing thier conversation, it went like this:

Harry: so man, what are you gonna do now since El broke up with you?

Louis: I dont really know, manegment says i have to find another Gf by agust.

Harry: But that only 2 monthes away!

Louis:I know but com'on Harry. Louis Fucking Tomlinson, I can win any girl over with my charm.

At that last comment Louis made, I burst out laughing. Im sure i looked wierd cuz 1. i was sitting alone and laughing and 2. beacuse Harry and Louis both looked at me and asked "wha?"

" I'm sorry but i couldn't help but overhearing ou conversation and the last part Louis said was HA-LAR-IOUS." I replied

"If you dont mind me asking. but um why was it funny"? Louis asks

" it's just that you famous people think you could get any girl you want, but clearly your wrong because no offense but you dont charm me" I said

"I bet you i could get you in bed now if i wanted to, and right now you look sexy, so um how bout i pick you up at seven.. um.. i didnt catch your name babe" louis replied

"First of all how bout you Dont pick me up at seven and secend dont call me babe and third my name is Summer" I retorted

"mmm.. fiesty just how i like em" he replied

"whatever i dont have time for this" i replied while turning to walk away

"WAIT..summer. you really arent attracted to me?" he asked in disbelief

"Yes i really am in no way atracted to you or anyother person who thinks he could get any girl they want." I REPLY

"Fine how bout i make you a deal, you stay with me at my place and give me a chance to prove that you WILL fall for me just like everyone eles, if i win you your mine, if i dont then ill never bother you again" he offers

i think about it for a moment the chance that ill win is high and i LOVE winning.

"fine, ill give you 3 weeks tomlinson, try an win me, just remeber as of right now im in no way atracted to you, and im a handfull, oh also if you try and kiss me or try and get me into your bed against my will then i will glue you to a chair, tie your hands and feet and then poke your eyeballs out with a needle, got it?" i say

"Then we have a deal" he replies.



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