Tommlinson, you will be the death of me.

Summer sassy,confident,and im great at making smart ass remarks.I live in London and Everyone is talking about one direction. You know.. the world famous, full of themselves, popstars.Theres a twist in this story i'm gonna tell you about me though, its that I hate One direction. They think they can go wherever they want and the female population will worship them.Therefore i hate them. Are we clear? Then with my luck, i run into Louis Tommlinson from non other than One direction. What does that ass do, you ask? well im gonna tell you. He flirts with me. And that sure as hell aint gonna happen. He says to give him 3 weeks to make me his. of course being the overconfident self that i am, I agree. I have to live with him for 3 weeks, and his goal is to try and make me his, if that doesnt happen... well i can just think of the things ill make him do for me. Bare this in mind Louis Tommlinson I sure as hell aint yours. SO let the bet begain.


2. authors note

hey guys, i just wanted to let you know that i got the beggining of this story from another fanfic on movellas called shes not afraid. Only the beggening is alike the rest of the story will not even bee similer so dont worry:) I have exams coming up so i wont be able to update constantly but i promise ill update sonn !

much love

xoxo crazydirection94

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