My One and Only...

this is a one direction fan fiction

Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, And Krissy were bestfriends. Mackenzie and Krissy loved one direction and Hailee and Madi were okay with them, they weren't directioners, but they knew their names. Anyways, One day Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, and Krissy decide to go to the mall together. What will happen when Harry and Louis notice them?? Will their friendship with Hailee and Madi be over?Will Hailee and Madi get to like One Direction? Read to find out...


1. The Sleepover

Krissy, Hailee, and Mackenzie walked over to Madi's house for the sleepover they were going to have. It was early June and it was the first weekend in summer. They all were 18 and today was graduation. They all graduated and might be going to college together. Krissy was average height probably around 5'6. She has long brownish-blonde curly hair. She also has violet eyes. A very unique girl. Mackenzie was taller around 5'7 and had brown hair that she dyed blonde. Her eyes changed color a lot. Sometimes they were hazel, brown, or a honey color. Hailee had red hair and brown eyes. Also around 5'6. Madi has naturally blondish-brown hair like Krissy except it is naturally straight. Her eyes vary in color like Mackenzie. She is 5'5.

Krissy's P.O.V.

"Hurry!! I'm so excited for tonight!!!" Hailee yelled. "We will get there soon enough. Calm your tits..." I said. "Her tits are never calm..." Mackenzie said. "Its true!" Exclaimed Hailee. "Okay, okay. Let's stop talking about tits." I said. "Good idea" Said Mackenzie. "YES!!! WE ARE FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!" Hailee screamed. We all ran inside like it was our own house. Well, considering how much we are there it practically is. So we just walk right in. We all have keys to each others houses/apartments. We all also have our own houses/apartments. But of course Mackenzie and I are best friends so we share an apartment. We don't live with our parents anymore. Mackenzie's mom and my mom couldn't care less about what we do. They are mindless alcoholics. Hailee and Madi's parents pretty much took care of us and raised us. "HEY GUYS!!!!!" Madi screamed. "WAZZUP GIRLFRIEND!!??!!??" Mackenzie and i yelled at the same time. "JINX!! DOUBLE JINX!! TRIPLE JINX! QUADRUPLE JINX!!! QUINTUPLE JINX!! INFINITY JINX!!! YOU OWE ME A SODA!!!" We screamed again at the same time. "Stop screaming! You will deafen us." Hailee said. "Sorry." Mackenzie and I said in unison. "Okay! What should we do tonight?" Madi asked. "Uhmmm. Well. We could go shopping for some summer clothes." Hailee suggested. "Great idea!!" Mackenzie said. "What about you Krissy? You wanna go?" "Sure! Why not?" I spoke. "Great! Let's go." Madi said.


Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"Let's go to forever 21! And Aeropostale!!" I yelled. "And Spencer's and Hot Topic!!" Krissy and Hailee said.
Just then when we were walking to Aeropostale, Krissy and I ran into someone with a hoodie and sunglasses on. "OH MY GOSH!! I AM SO SORRY!!!" I said. "Me too" Krissy added. "It's all right. It's partly my fault anyways." I'd recognize that voice anywhere. It was Louis. Louis Tomlinson. "Are you---" I started. "Yes. I'm Louis Tomlinson" Louis whispered. "Please don't scream" He said quickly. Just then, someone came up behind him. "Lou, ready to go?" It was Harry. I just know it. "Want to come back to our place tonight?" Louis asked us. "Sure!!" Me and Mackenzie said together. "Let's go then!" Harry said. "TO THE VAN!!!" Louis shouted, almost the whole store heard him.


Krissy's P.O.V.

We walked in the enormous flat and were instantly greeted by 3 smiling faces. "Jeez. we thought you died" Zayn joked.
"But instead you brought home 4 beautiful girls." Niall said in that familiar Irish accent.  "Well Niall, this is Krissy. Mackenzie. Hailee. and Madi." Louis said pointing to all of us. "I HAVE A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!" Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. "What is it Hazza?" Louis said. "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!" Harry screamed again. We all agreed.

--Truth or Dare--

"I'll start!" Harry deviously spoke. "Krissy. Truth or dare?" "Dare" I said. "I dare you to go into the closet for 5 minutes and have a make-out-session with Louis." I glanced at Louis and he nodded, as if to say he was okay with it. Silently, Louis and I went inside the closet. "Are you sure about this Krissy?" Louis whispered. "Just kiss me" I whispered back. And with that he slowly moved me up against the wall and started kissing me passionately. About a minute into it he slid his tongue across my bottom lip, as if to ask for entrance. I gladly gave it to him. Our tongues explored each others mouths for a while, until Harry yelled "TIME'S UP!!!!!". Louis and i pulled away and wiped our mouths. We casually walked out of the closet like nothing had happened at all. Liam snickered. "You guys were loud..." He said trying not to laugh. "Shut up." I said. "Niall truth or dare?" I continued. "Truth" He said. "CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. "FINE. DARE!!" Niall said. "Okay I dare you to go outside and run down the street in only  your boxers." I said proudly. "WHAT!?!? NO!!" Niall exclaimed. "A dare is a dare." Niall took off his clothes showing off his rock hard abs and ran down the street. He then came back in and said "Are you guys happy now?! I had to do that!!" "Yes. Yes we are." Zayn said. "Well we better get going. its already 11pm..." Hailee babbled. "NONSENSE!!" "You can stay here!" Liam said. "Great!" I said. We watched The hangover then went to bed.

-Next Day-

Krissy's P.O.V.

I woke up with a pounding headache. I don't remember much of last night. We started drinking and partying. I turned to check my phone but then i reached over i ran into a body. I turned over and saw Louis next to me in his bed. I smiled to myself knowing I slept with Louis Tomlinson.

Sorry for really short chapter!! I'm looking for a co-author. If you want to co-write with me e-mail me at:

Okay!! Thanks for reading. Bye Lovelys!!! 


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