My One and Only...

this is a one direction fan fiction

Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, And Krissy were bestfriends. Mackenzie and Krissy loved one direction and Hailee and Madi were okay with them, they weren't directioners, but they knew their names. Anyways, One day Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, and Krissy decide to go to the mall together. What will happen when Harry and Louis notice them?? Will their friendship with Hailee and Madi be over?Will Hailee and Madi get to like One Direction? Read to find out...


2. Old Friend

Still Krissy's P.O.V.

Louis woke up and noticed me staring at his shirtless body. I just couldn't help it. His body was so.. so sexy. He asks me, "what's wrong?" I just kept on looking at him. I finally said,"Nothing." His soft lips kissed my cheek. Then he left the room smiling at me. I smile back, but feel like i'm letting someone down. I get up from the warm, soft bed and walk to the phone. i called Hailee. "hello?" asked Hailee. "Hey. its Krissy and I just woke up with Louis " I say with a weird voice.  "Oh." said Hailee in a interesting voice. I heard a voice in the background  it was Zayn. She said "I need to go." we said our good-bye's then I hung up. I got in the shower and put some clothes on. Then i put little makeup on and just blew dry my hair and left it down."Krissy!" I heard coming from the living room. "Someone is at the door for you!" Louis yelled. I went to the door and there stood my old friend from middle school, Bailey. She stood there just looking at me. Then said, "Why? Why did you stop talking to me? why did you steal my boyfriend. Why?" I stood there wondering what was going on and how it happened. "I don't know." I said quietly. "You stole Louis from me. He was dating me and we went to the mall and he saw you. I was in the bathroom when that happened. He left me all alone thanks to you and your bitchy friends." then she ran down the hall bowling her eyes out. I felt bad, but what she called my friends, is bad enough for me to think she isn't a good person. Louis got his clothes on while she was saying all the rude stuff about my friends. He said he had to go to the studio to record a new song. I thought about what Bailey told me. Did i actually steal her boyfriend and left her abandoned at the mall?


I'm the new co-author, Bailey and I'm new to movellas but I really like it!!(: Do you guys want us to continue?


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