My One and Only...

this is a one direction fan fiction

Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, And Krissy were bestfriends. Mackenzie and Krissy loved one direction and Hailee and Madi were okay with them, they weren't directioners, but they knew their names. Anyways, One day Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, and Krissy decide to go to the mall together. What will happen when Harry and Louis notice them?? Will their friendship with Hailee and Madi be over?Will Hailee and Madi get to like One Direction? Read to find out...


3. New Position




               Last night was a blur, i don't remember much... but i do remember Zayn and I's first kiss. I remember him stroking his hand from my forehead down to my chin. Then, he leaned in for a kiss. I felt his soft lips on mine. I have never kissed anybody before so i didn't know what to do. Next thing i know, his tongue was inserted into my mouth. it was like we were wrestiling but with TONGUES! After that he he gave me a warm, soft hug. It felt like the kind that my mom gave me when i was younger. I felt safe, and I was. Thats all I know. When i woke up this morning, i was Zayn's brown eyes stare into mine. It's like he is playing with my mind. "How was your sleep?" he asked curiously. "Good. I had the weirdest dream. We had s-"

"shhhhh.... you don't have to say a thing." whispered Zayn if a very soft voice. Then he left the room. I looked at the alarm clock next to the bed on the counter. it was 10:27 a.m. It was Saturday and I had a hangover. I groaned as loud as I could. Something felt very weird in my stomach. What happened to me? " Oh god! ZAYN! I HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE!" I left as fast as I can and went to the pharmacy  I bought a pregnancy test. "I drove home then went to the bathroom. Then, it happened. it showed...


next chapter will be up soon!! Keep reading! bye.



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