My One and Only...

this is a one direction fan fiction

Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, And Krissy were bestfriends. Mackenzie and Krissy loved one direction and Hailee and Madi were okay with them, they weren't directioners, but they knew their names. Anyways, One day Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, and Krissy decide to go to the mall together. What will happen when Harry and Louis notice them?? Will their friendship with Hailee and Madi be over?Will Hailee and Madi get to like One Direction? Read to find out...


7. Chapter 7 (PG-13 CHAPTER)

-The Next Day-

Krissy's P.O.V.

As I walk downstairs, I pass Harry's room. I hear him saying my name in his sleep and moaning. So I decide to have a little fun with it. I sneak into Harry's room and take my shirt off. Now I am in my bra and short shorts. Harry is still moaning and saying my name. I shiver at the thought of what is going through his head. I look under the covers cautiously just to make sure he had any type of clothing on. Good. He has boxers on. I get under the covers and straddle Harry. I start to kiss his neck and leave small love bites. I tease him and kiss the corner of his mouth. I start grinding him. I feel a bulge grow in his pants.(BONER!) Satisfied with my work, I put my shirt back on, check to see if Harry is still sleeping-he was- and i walk down to get breakfast. Liam made french toast. I started eating it. Harry came downstairs in his boxers and I just started cracking up. Liam gave me a really weird look till he saw Harry's boner. "Have fun dreaming about me Harry?" I asked. "Yeah. I especially liked it when you were grinding me and-- HEY!! HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW?!?!" He asked suspiciously. "I heard you yelling my name and moaning in your sleep." I said, as if it was so obvious. "And I had a little fun with it too..." My voice trailed off as Harry looked down. "Wha--KRISSY!!!!!!" Harry yelled. " If you wanna punish me, you have to catch me!! And probably before Louis wakes up." I said as I ran away throughout the huge flat. Harry eventually caught  me and pushed me up against the wall. "Hope you are ready for your punishment babe." Harry said sexily. Since me and Louis aren't actually dating I replied. "Come at me, bro." "With pleasure." And immediately after smashed his lips against mine and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so the only thing holding me up was him and the wall. Harry and I started making out. When he was done "punishing" me I walked upstairs. I grabbed some clothes quietly out of me and Lou's room so I wouldn't wake him. But sure enough, I did wake him. "Morning baby." He said to me. "I'm not officially your "baby". We aren't dating." I explained. "I know. But I want you to be.." Louis said back. "I have to go take a shower." I stated. "Me too?" Louis asked. "No. I like to shower ALONE." And with that, I walked out of the room. I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. There was a door to my left, and a door a little farther down to my right. The one on the left was the shower and the one on the right was the toilet. In front of me were sinks and mirrors. I took all my clothes off and took my hair out of the messy bun I had it in. I turn the door knob to the left door-- but someone was coming out of the shower. The door hit me and I fell with the person on top of me. We were both naked. I look to see who the naked person was on top of me and see those emerald green eyes. Harry. He started to get up but I pulled him back down. "If you get up you will see me naked." I said, gripping his arm. "Then how the hell are we gonna do this?" He asked. "Well we could get a towel and-- SHIT!!!" I said. "What?" He asked slightly confused. "I didn't bring a towel. I forgot. And obviously you don't have one." I explained. "Well. Babe, we can't get up if you don't except the fact that I will see you naked. I walk around naked half the time anyways. I don't care if you see me." He said. "NO. HARRY STYLES. YOU WILL NOT SEE ME NAKED. NO." I said. "Fine. I'll just yell to the boys to  get us towels." Harry said. "Harry, I locked the door." I said. Harry stood up. "HARRY!!!!!" I screamed. "What?" he asked, staring at me, lying on the bathroom floor. "Its not nice to stare." I said. "You're just so, so, beautiful.


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