My One and Only...

this is a one direction fan fiction

Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, And Krissy were bestfriends. Mackenzie and Krissy loved one direction and Hailee and Madi were okay with them, they weren't directioners, but they knew their names. Anyways, One day Mackenzie, Hailee, Madi, and Krissy decide to go to the mall together. What will happen when Harry and Louis notice them?? Will their friendship with Hailee and Madi be over?Will Hailee and Madi get to like One Direction? Read to find out...


6. Chapter 6. (Sorry I don't have a good name.)



     "Everyone is going to the arcade. Wanna come?" Zayn asks me. "No thanks.'' I say sadly. He says, ''Okay. We will be back later. About 5:00.'' ''Okay thanks for filling me in.'' I say. They all left. Then, someone came knocking on the door. "It's me! Bailey! Whats  wrong with me being your sister?" she screams loudly. I open the door. ''You have some nerve to show up.'' I say in a forceful way. "I do don't I? But that's not the point. I think your a very nice person. At least I thought you were.'' she says like one of those sassy girls at school. ''What made you stop?!?" I ask getting very angry by the seconds. ''Well, I have a confession to make. Your friend didn't actually take Louis away from me. It's just that.. I'M JEALOUS OKAY? I HAVE BEEN SINCE WE WERE 13 AND IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!'' she says looking like she is about to cry her eyes out. ''Why are you jealous? We didn't even know you!'' I said. " You have Louis and a bunch of friends. I have one friend and NO boyfriend at all. I need someone. And''- ''Sorry I forgot my wallet in the house.'' Niall interrupted  ''Hi.'' Bailey says blushing. '' Would you like to go to the arcade with us, beautiful?'' Niall asks Bailey. "I'd love to...?" Bailey said as if she was asking for his name. As if she didn't already know. "Niall." He said.

Louis's P.O.V.

I didn't go to the arcade with the boys because Krissy didn't want to. So, we were just sitting on the bed in our room watching the movie Orphan. Her choice. It was at the pert where Ester throws the rock and kills the bird or something. I wasn't paying that much attention. I was watching her. She looks over at me and says "What are you looking at?". "You." I replied. We both leaned in for a slow, passionate kiss. There was no tongue. Just our lips moving together in perfect sync.


Hey!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while!! And WOW! I have over 80 reads!! only one favorite though. So if you want me to update sooner, favorite this movella. Once I get up to 10 Favorites, I will update. So, its up to you guys!! Bye!

xxx, Krissy


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