What is a Nonverbal Learning Disability?

This describes what nonverbal learning disabilities are and where people can find more information about nonverbal learning disabilities all from the perspective of someone with a nonverbal learning disability


3. Resources

Resources www.ed.gov-- the official government website of the US Department of Education; would give more information about the different educational plans such as the IEP www.nichcy.org –a national website that gives information about disabilities and education plans for those with disabilities www.ldonline.com-- information about different learning disabilities and how to deal with a disability in all aspects of life www.nldline.com –checklists for NLD and Asperger’s Syndrome; ways to advocate for NLD and Asperger’s; and other useful information for people with NLD and those that care for someone with NLD www.nldontheweb.com  --great for general information on NLD and information on how to deal with the different characteristics of NLD and provides additional resources for more information


Online Groups

Yahoo has a few great groups for parents of children with NLD and children and adults with NLD as well but some notable ones include: NLD In Common—a very large group where parents and others who care for those with NLD and those with NLD and similar conditions can learn from others who have their issues and provides email notifications when there are new posts and messages NLD_Adults—a group for adults with NLD
  Facebook has some NLD groups as well including: Nonverbal Learning Disability—a great place to discuss different issues faced while living with NLD NLD: A Group for Students and Young People—a group for college students and others with NLD The NLD Project—a group started to analyze the different problems associated with NLD so it goes into more scientific and clinical aspects of NLD
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