Same mistakes

This story is dedecated to my bff Hayley. This is for you

Hayley has been dating Niall for 3 years. They are in high school Niall has alot of friends but doesn't consider himself 'popular'. What happens when Hayleys best friend starts to have feelings for him? Will she flip out? But what will Niall do when he figures out her secrets and her past that also happens now?Louis Nialls bestfriend has always had feelings for her. How will this end?


3. Chapter 3: Ditched

Lou' Pov I was furious. The girl of my dreams had just ditched me with my best friend. I walk inside and head into the kitchen. I pull out a packet of tea until it becomes yummy tea. I don't know why but tea always seems to calm me down a bit. I take a sip but then my phone rings. I see the name Hayley light up. The phone wasnt the only thing lighting up I was too.  "Hello" i answer. "Hey Boobear Niall and I are going out to eat and I'm staying with him so can you come take care of my dog, Jax" she asked. I sighed in sadness. "Yeah where do you live" i asked. "I'll text you all the info later see ya BooBear" she quickly responded and hung up. Okay so now they are officially ditching me. Of course Niall gets all the girls with his Irish Charm. My phone goes off. I pick it up and see Hayley texted me. My house is on Lakeville its the house 16 alll of the chores are on my fridge ~ My Boo.  We have our own nicknames hers is Boo mine is BooBear. I called up Hazza. "Hello" harry said. "Can you come with me to babysit Hayleys dog" i asked "Yeah I'll come to your place and youcan drive" he said and with that he hung up. Atleast I had one good friend.

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