Same mistakes

This story is dedecated to my bff Hayley. This is for you

Hayley has been dating Niall for 3 years. They are in high school Niall has alot of friends but doesn't consider himself 'popular'. What happens when Hayleys best friend starts to have feelings for him? Will she flip out? But what will Niall do when he figures out her secrets and her past that also happens now?Louis Nialls bestfriend has always had feelings for her. How will this end?


2. Chapter 2: Awkward

*The Next Day*

Hayley' Pov
Louis has been acting really strange lately. So I went over to his place. As I walked up to his door I gently knocked on his door. Knowing he was there I opened the door to see Louis there with nothing but blue baggy p-js. No shirt. And boy it was a good sight his toned abs. He was just laying on his couch watching The Grudge with a monsterous bowl of popcorn. I quietly shut the door and tip-toed behind the couch. I slowly walked up to the back of the couch and saw Louis laying there. I tried to resist but I couldn't. I slowly poked/grapped his sides making him jump up and spill all the popcorn all over the place. I started cracking up laughing and fell to the floor laughing. He got up and picked me up and threw me on the couch tickling me. "Stop it......." I screamed. He finally stopped and paused the movie. "You screamed like a little girl" I laughed. "Well you would too" he said pouting. "See and now you act like one" I joked. He turned around not facing me and put his pouty lip out. "And anyways I am a girl so now you can't argue can you" I said. I looked around cause this is his new house that he moved in a while ago. I've never been in it but the rest of the boys have cause they had a bet seeing if he could keep it clean. "Well looks like you won't win the bet" I said. He turned around and looked at me with suriousness in his eyes. I walked up to him. "Whats wrong BooBear?". "I want you back Boo I miss you, you always hang out with niall" he said. "He's my boyfriend I kinda have to and I always hung out with you" I said. "Yeah you hung out with me as in used to now its like I'm out and I've known you longer I just......" He said without finishing. Because Niall came running in.
Niall' Pov
"Woah this place is a mess" I said.
"Oh hey babe, what are you doing here?" I asked. I saw Louis and Hayley sitting on the couch. She walked up to me and I gave her one of my famous Horan hugs. She laughed her beautiful laugh I gently kissed her on the lips and at the corner of my eye I saw Louis look up and when he saw me he looked back down dissapointed. "Anything wrong, mate?" I asked. "No of course not" he replied. "Okay let's go see my new carrrrrr" I shouted pulling hayley's wrist. She laughed. "Omg its awesome" she spoke in awe. "C'mon babe let's take a spin" I said while putting her in the car and hopping in myself as I started the engine and drove off.
Louis' Pov
Wow I can't believe my two bestfriends just left me. Telling her is going to be harder than I thought.



~ 1d_Forever&AlwaysYoung
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