Same mistakes

This story is dedecated to my bff Hayley. This is for you

Hayley has been dating Niall for 3 years. They are in high school Niall has alot of friends but doesn't consider himself 'popular'. What happens when Hayleys best friend starts to have feelings for him? Will she flip out? But what will Niall do when he figures out her secrets and her past that also happens now?Louis Nialls bestfriend has always had feelings for her. How will this end?


1. Chapter 1: Normal Life

Hayley' Pov
I was just now getting out of Lou's car. Louis drove me to school cause Niall was taking his driving test. "Thanks BooBear!" I shouted across the school parking lot. "Wait up , love" Louis yelled as he jogged up to me. "Did I forget something?" I asked. "No I just wanted to walk with you" he replied
"Okay" I said awkwardly.
"Can I tell you something he asked
Louis' pov
Today was the day I was finally going to tell Hayley how I felt no matter what. I wanted her to be mine and I wanted her to know. All the sudden my thoughts were interrupted and heard her say "Are you gonna tell me?" She asked. "Oh yeah well I wanted to tell you that I really........" I was gonna finish but I got interrupted.

Hayley' Pov
All of the sudden I saw Niall run up to me with a paper in his hands. He ran up to hug me and I jumped in his arms and laughed. "Happy much!?" I giggled. "Well I don't I think its because I passed!" He said with sarcasm. "Really" I screamed. He took me and spun me around making my long shiny brown hair flip. "Now I can take you to that special place" he said winking causing me to giggle. Louis just stood there awkwardly as Niall placed me back on the floor. "See you guys later" he said. "Well that was awkward is it just me or does Louis seem sad?" Niall asked. "I don't know maybe something happened" I simply replied. We walked off holding hands. I have Louis in all of my classes and I didn't see him at all. He's my guy bestfriend I would never want to see him down like this.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

A/N: Sorry its bad. :/ well I'll be updating soon. :) :b

~1D_Forever&AlwaysYoung <3
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