Love And Loss

Moving? She knows it will be hard for her. Rosie is normal, average, nobody thinks of her much. She's not the most popular. But, one of the popular boys in her new school takes an interest in her. Will she follow him for true love, or, will she let him down and stick by her friends. She finds herself in some pretty tough situations, and, well she doesnt really know how to handle them.
There was a boy she liked from her old school, and he finally starts talking to her. But, who made a fake page pretending to be one of her friends online and spreading rumours about her?! Is it an old friend who thinks she abandoned her? Or is it a new one?
The answer is a shock to her.


1. Wake Up To Your New Life..

I heard my alarm go off, but I knew I wouldnt be going to school today. We were packing everything we'd missed today, and then we were moving... I dont even get to say goodbye to my friends. It had been my dad's idea to move, he said he'd found a job. Or, he was going to find a job. Yeah, my brother is mad, so am I, but I mean, when you have no comment in their descisions, you just learn to not get involved. I dont have a voice when it comes to these type of things. 

A knock at my door made me jump. I sat up, stretching my arms up above my head and then relaxing. I got to my feet and padded across the soft carpet to open my door. It was my dad. His smile was a little off today, like he was upset about something. Just tell me we arent moving, please. 

"Morning. How's the packing going? I set your alarm nice and early." He says, and I knew I was about to explode.

"I dont want to move. Cant I just live here on my own?" I ask, my mind racing. I need to find a logical way to stay here. I hate being the new girl, the target. Ooh, a new student, let's make her the new target because we dont know her or how she'll react. Maybe she will react, then it will be funny and we'll keep going. I thought to myself, ignoring my dad's expression. I knew the answer was no, before I even asked.

"You know we--" He started but I held my hand up, and he stopped.

"Cant let a 16 year old girl live by herself? Well, I think I'm old enough already." I say, I'm already in a bad mood. I really dont want to go. There is so much I would be leaving behind, no, AM leaving behind. 

I might even miss those hateful enemies I've gathered over the past years. All the prettiest girls, the most annoying, picking on people because nobody else will give them the time of day.. I shake my head when there is no response.

"I need to get dressed.." I say after a few minutes. My dad nods and leaves, closing the door behind him. I walk into my bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. My light blonde hair all messed up from tossing in my sleep, my eyes, grey and bags underneath. I havent been getting nearly enough sleep lately, I dont know how anyone could. Thinking about all I'm leaving behind... Thinking about all the things I've done, all the respect I've earned. All those things I used to do, like staying after for the Rachel's Challenge Group. Nobody made fun of me for those things because I was normal. Lots of people did those things. But, once I move, I'll be the freak new girl. People will find my every flaw and call it out. Other's will take me up in my self pity and sit with me, only being polite, not really meaning it. I ignored my thoughts and just brushed my hair. Watching myself become bearable again. I heard some things being rustled around in the room beside mine, my brothers. He was two years older than me, and my parents wouldnt let him move out.... Not yet, anyways. An 18 year old, still living with his parents? He'll surely be picked on. He wasnt the smartest, and there was a reason. He's dyslexic, and people notice and pick on him. He's already failed two grades before, making him just-now landing into 12th grade. I feel so bad, but if I get involved people will just think he tells his little sister to fight his battles for him and then he'd get picked on worse. 

I ran the straightener through my hair, letting it spotlight my bright red highlights. I had dyed the whole underneath red, and there were red highlights in it now. It looked pretty good, but there would still be someone who calls me out for it. There always is. Now that Summer's coming to an end, I need to get my money and buy warmer clothes. Winter just doesnt come real nice in London. 

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