Love And Loss

Moving? She knows it will be hard for her. Rosie is normal, average, nobody thinks of her much. She's not the most popular. But, one of the popular boys in her new school takes an interest in her. Will she follow him for true love, or, will she let him down and stick by her friends. She finds herself in some pretty tough situations, and, well she doesnt really know how to handle them.
There was a boy she liked from her old school, and he finally starts talking to her. But, who made a fake page pretending to be one of her friends online and spreading rumours about her?! Is it an old friend who thinks she abandoned her? Or is it a new one?
The answer is a shock to her.


2. Re-do (Sorry about last chapter. Had to get off..o.o)

Winter doesnt come real nice in London. We're moving to Cheshire. Which, I hear is a nice place. I've actually planned on moving there, but now my family's there... Ugh. I need to move somewhere they wont trace me down every second of the day.. They're cooping me up here, not letting me even have my own life... It's like they like seeing me miserable.

A knock on my door sent me scrambling, again. I dropped my hair straightener and it clattered to the floor. I hurried and picked it up before I went and opened it, and it was my dad for the second time today. I let a deep frown on my face, and crossed my arms. 

"Come on, it's not so bad. If I could help it, I would let you move out. Mum doesnt want you too. You dont think Hunter's asked to leave on his own? Live by himself? Well, he has, and mum turns him down before I have one word. So, please get packing. Uhm, we're going to a party so pack something for it. Oh, it will be mostly outdoors. Hey, summer isnt going to last forever." My dad says, and that actually does make me feel better. Better chance of finding someone that goes to Cheshire school, and then I wont be so helpless when the beginning starts. Okay, so two more school years shouldnt be so bad, and I know they shouldnt. But, without friends, there's nothing to look forward to. Like, between classes, no small talk, no getting in trouble for passing notes. Eating lunch all alone surrounded by people who pick on you the whole time. I dont think I would be able to stand that....

"Okay, fine." I say. 

"One more chance for your old dad to impress you?" He asks. I nod, not really meaning it. I dont think this party will be the talk-of-the-century-type if my parents and other people's parents are there. Who knows, though? "Good, well, we leave in about an hour. The moving people will be here for your bed in a couple days." he says, walking away. I knew that's why he was being so nice, there's always something bad to hear when he's being nice. And nice enough to let me and Hunter out to a party? I doubt it. There's got to be some other thing. Maybe not showering for a whole week? Ugh! I hope there isnt another reason for him being so nice to me. I dont care, I dont anymore. He's practically taking my whole LIFE away from me, so, he should have a reason to be nice to me... Sometimes. I shut my door, hard, and went back to the bathroom. I'm packing everything I own, why would I not have something for this 'party'? 

I finished straightening my hair, and walked out, grabbing my suitcase. I grabbed a couple t-shirts, and threw them inside. I looked at them, never thinking I'd see the day they were all packed up and ready to move somewhere else. We'd been in this house since I was born, Hunter too. We'd pretty much gotten this house from my great grandmother's mum, and that was a long time ago. This house is my dream house, it's perfect sized for a family, it's old and retro. I just love the colours, and I think almost any type of furniture can go in here and look good with it's wooden walls. We'd fought so many times against the city to keep this house here. It looked so much different, better if you ask me, compared to the whole city. All the other houses were huge, and colourful and not old at all. Infact, they get knocked down after about ten years each and rebuilt.. It's terrible. And now that we're leaving, the city and the mayor have the right to knock this place down... I wouldnt typically let them, although this time, there is no punch. I have no words here. I dont have the right to tell them what to do. If I dont have the money to pay for this house myself, then I cant tell them not to take this place down. I took the shirts out of the bag and folded them, just to take more time in this house. It smelled like home to me. I surely wont like the other house. 

I found a bright red t-shirt that wasnt mine. It was my friends. She'd never get it back now... I smiled at the thought, but it wouldnt work. Not with my strict parents. I grabbed the shirt and ran out of my bedroom with it in hand. I threw it over my shoulder, knowing Summer school was going on for the last day today. Yes, I'd gone for a week for final exams, nothing more. But my friend would need her stuff back, and she needs extra help even during summer, so she goes everyday, and only get's the last few weeks off. Like, two or three weeks. Which means, there's only two or three weeks left of Summer... Which means, it's almost over...  I walked out into the kitchen and put the shirt down in front of my parents, who were talking about living room rugs for the new house. 

"I need to take this to my friend. She's in summer school today, I can go drop it off real fast." I say, hoping they will let me go.

"Uhm, I guess so, sure." My dad speaks up before my mum can tell me no. I know what he's doing, trying to win my trust over again by making sure I do whatever I want.

"Thanks. I'll be right back." I say, and rush out the door before anyone else can speak. I hear my mum start yelling before I shut the door, but that's fine, they always fight. I walk out of the house for the last time before we leave, and walk down the all-too-farmiliar sidewalk. I try to move as slow as possible, but we're moving with or without my consent. Like I say, I dont get a say in it. 

I see some people from my school walk by, and wave. 

"Hey, arent you moving?" One of the girls asks. I nod, and she puts on a fake look of pity. 

"Yeah, today." I murmur, trying to not let her hear me, but she does anyway, and she snickers.

"Really? So, no more of that nerd herd? Oh you do know they will split up once you're not there." She says, flipping her perfect blonde hair. Why doesnt my hair look like hers? Does she use special soap or something?

"Yeah, I guess. Well, it was so... uh, nice? Yeah, we'll be polite today, it was so nice to see you." I say, and brush past her. She's one I wont miss. My comment makes her so called 'friends' laugh. She tells them it wasnt funny and to shut up, but I dont care. I will get into so many fights today, so many I will never finish. They'll miss me. I know they will. 

I walk down the sidewalk more until I reach the school. A few boys outside the school think they're cool for being there. They do know that no other people go to summer school, correct? Nobody will think it's cool if you ditch summer classes... They're trying too hard to fit in.. But, I must say, one of them is cute. He has longer shaggy hair that's covering his eyes. I'm not sure what colour they are, but I'd like to. I walk past one of them, and walk straight to the front of the cute one.

"Well, well, boys. Already, see? Girls dig the summer geek guys." The cute one says, smirking. His teeth are perfectly white and straight, 

"Yeah, no, not really. I came to say that you're trying too hard." I say. His smirk loosens, and he shakes the hair out of his face to reveal his gorgeous blue eyes. He stares down at me, and I bite my lip, flirting. He smirks again.

"Too hard for what?" Another boy asks, freckles and pimples dotting his face everywhere. I shudder and turn away.

"Being cool. Nobody goes here, you shouldnt ditch summer classes. Ditch the real classes in the winter... And, you." I say, looking at the cute one, "Dont button your shirt all the way up to your neck. Nobody thinks that's cool." I say, and reach forward, unbuttoning his plaid shirt down a bit. I unbutton maybe three, and I know he looks better already. 

"Thanks." He says, smirking. Hey, it is my last day. Last day to flirt with the cute boys who I'd never have a chance with. I tried to walk past him, but I didnt get very far before he grabbed my wrist. I turned back to him, and he flipped his hair out of his face. "Can I have your number?" He asks me, smirking. That smile and those eyes are what made me say yes.

"Sure." I say, and he hands me paper and a pen. I write it down and put it in his pants pocket. He smiles and lets me go.

"Oh, but I wont be here for the school year. I'm moving, and I'm going to Cheshire. So, text me. I might answer." I say, twirling a strand of hair on my finger. His smile was so cute, I lived right now to stay here and flirt some more. But, I needed to get going.

"Hey, sure." He says, "I will. Soon." He says, "Oh, I'm Jamie." He says. 

"Well, it was nice seeing you Jamie." I say, and walk into the school. He turns back to his friends and they start talking again. I'm pretty sure they were talking about how I just walked up to them and he'd already gotten my number. I smile, and walk into the classroom I know is her's. Kasey's. I have the shirt in hand, and I bust into the room. The teacher jumps up, and Kasey smiles, recognising me. I wave the shirt in front of her face. 

"I wont be seeing you after today. Thought you'd want this back." I say, and she smiles again.

"Thanks. Actually, you should keep it. Something to remember me by." She says. I shake my head and just drop the shirt on her desk. 

"No, it's fine. You keep it. Just text me sometime Kase." I say, and she smiles. 

"Okay." She says, "I'm gonna miss you girl. Finally one good friend and I lose her." She says, and I knew she was on the verge of tears. 

"I'll miss you too."

**Will finish later**

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