My Living Fear

Can you imagine an evil soul, possessing you, controlling your body, you helplessly watching, your own hands killing some one else? This is what Dakota Green had to experience. Dakota loves scary stuff, but does she love the intruding soul, that controls her body, at the most inconvenient time?No. She tries to rid the soul from her body, but fails. She is pushed to the point where she is about to commit suicide. Can she stop herself before its too late?


1. Make my day

Dakota's P.O.V Dream: I was walking down a dark basement, the only light was from the door behind me and the single light bulb hanging in the middle of the basement. There was a chair, a table, a light, a chainsaw, and a row of guns on the concrete wall.I glanced at the table, knives of all sizes, were lined up in a odd pattern. I heard a scream, come from down the hall. I opened the door, and walked down the hall. To my left was a creaked open door. I peeked into the room, I saw my body, me, floating, my body twisted and turned. She was screaming in pain. I could see chains, chains that were sealed to the ceiling.A man with a blade approached my body, he pressed the blade against my throat. He murmured something into my ear. Wait if that's my body, but not me, how can i feel the pain, and hear what my body hears? Who's body am I in? "You will DIE!!!!!!" He rasped. He pressed the knife harder into my throat, and with a quick flick of the wrist, slit my body's throat. The pain was unbearable, my throat screamed in protest. The figure turned to me, and stabbed me, then it went black.

"Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed sitting up.I panted, looking around realizing that it was all a dream. "Dakota?" I heard a voice echo. The lights out in the hall turned on, footsteps approached, the door swung open, there stood my best friend Kat. Kat, Amanda, and I were all best friends since preschool and were living in a house together. "Dakota what's wrong?" Kat asked, sitting on the edge of my bed. "A nightmare." I replied. "Ha, you? scared? nightmare? don't make me laugh" Kat scoffed sarcastically. "Hahaha very funny." I hissed, giving her a soft punch in the arm. She put up her hands in surrender, acting all innocent. I rolled my eyes. Amanda came into my room yawing, obviously she was woken up by Kat and me. "What's going on?" She yawned. "Nightmare." Kat and I said in sync. Amanda nodded.She stumbled out of my room, Kat gave me a hug and rubbed my back. "Its ok, go back to sleep, or stay up its not long before we have to wake up." Kat Whispered. I smiled. She got up, and exited my room, closing my door. I rubbed my left arm, and hauled myself out of bed and walked to the window.I moved the curtain to the side, and watched the sun rise. I sighed and got ready for work. I took a shower and put this on: I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I walked down the sidewalk, to town.I entered the double doors to my job, "Hello Dakota." My boss greeted. "Hello Jerry, lovely day isn't it?" I smiled. He dipped his head once, before disappearing to his office. I put on my name tag, and went to the cart full of books. Yes, I do work at the library. I drove the cart down an aisle. I put books back on the shelf in order. I heard the bell ring. i peeked around the corner to see one of our daily customers, Jake, My boss's son. I returned to my job. Once I was just about done, I heard a man shout, "Get down!". Just then the windows shattered. A man wearing a ski mask stormed in. He had a gun, and aimed it at me.

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